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Boy Kit of the Month

Funny stuff coming later, but I wanted to throw up the preview of the Boy version of the Kit of the Month:


So this is basically the same project as the Girl Junk Album but with different colors and embellishments. The retail value of this kit is higher, but the cost is still just $20. You can read all about the Kit of the Month program, including previews and direct links for purchasing, on my website: by clicking on the Kit of the Month logo from the home page.

If anyone is attending the CK Oregon convention this weekend, I'd love to meet you! Stop by the DollarScrapbooking booth and say hello.

RKQOTD (Karl on the subject of candles: When the flames go orange it's the last bit of burning. Usually it either can't burn because it doesn't have oxygen, fuel or a wick. You can put a jar lid over the top and the candle will go out because of the lack of oxygen, or you can put water on it and the flame will go out but will come back after it's dried thoroughly. Me: You'd have to light it again, though. Karl: Well, yeah.)