Rainy Days & Thursdays
They happen in 3's

Banana Fanna

Evelyn watches my kids for me when I'm out of town. Usually it's only a couple of hours after school, but last Friday there was no school so they spent the whole day at Ev's. When the kids told her that it was John's birthday she let them bake him a cake, (no really - she says she only cracked the eggs for them!) plus all of the kids (my two, her two) made cards for him, and the kids hid behind the couch and yelled "Surprise!" when he came to pick them up.

Yeah, she's pretty much the wife he never had.

Today she mentioned that she had played the Name Game with the kids and they cracked up until they were crying.

ME: Did you teach them how to do it?

EV: Nah, they just kept calling out names for me to do. Teaching them would have been a whole other thing!

ME: You speak the truth.

I'm not really sure if there was some sort of subconscious insecurities about my utter ineptitude when compared to the awesomeness that is Evelyn, but when John got home tonight he was greeted with a home cooked meal (with vegetables), a clean kitchen, and two hysterically laughing children trying the Name Game on every word they could think of.

Because I taught them how to do it, that's why!

ME: So it's "Name, Name, Bo Name-with-B" - let's practice that a few times. Mom, Mom, Bo Bom. Exactly! Emma, Emma, Bo Bemma. You've got it! Now we go "Banana Fanna Fo Name-with-F". Banana Fanna Fo Farl. Yes! And then "Fe Fi Mo Name-with-M". No, not "Me-my-mo", Emma, FEE fi fo. Yes, that's right. Try again. Excellent!

And so they learned the Name Game. Because I am huge in motherhood.

We were watching TV when the kids' bedtime rolled around. Karl came in for hugs.

JOHN: Good night, Boo. Make sure you brush your teeth.

KARL: Teeth, teeth, bo beeth. Banana Fanna fo feeth. Fe fi mo meeth. Teeth!

JOHN: Very good. Now get to bed.

KARL: Bed, bed, bo bed. Banana Fanna fo fed. Fe fi mo med. Be-ed!

JOHN: Impressive. Oh, and make sure you take up your remote control truck.

ME: No! Not that!

JOHN: What are you talking ab . . .

KARL: Truck, truck bo buck.

JOHN: Yiiiiiii! Uh, that's enough, Karl. No need to finish.

KARL: Banana Fanna fo -

ME & JOHN: Aaaaaugh! No more! Off to bed, little buddy. 

ME: (after Karl had left the room) You did that on purpose!

JOHN: I really didn't!

RKQOTD (Me: Did you play "Save the Universe" with David today at horse therapy? Karl: Yes, but I didn't save the universe. I missed when I threw the bean bag and then David let me use the Nerf gun but I also missed. And then it was time to go. Me: Oh well, you'll just have to save the universe next time. Karl: Yeah. David is probably back there taking over the world right now!)