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So this is a PS to the post below, called The CHA Diaries. If you're just joining us you really ought to scroll down and read that one first so this one makes sense.

You do as you please, but I'm just sayin'.

Michelle commented as follows:

Is that a FLOWER? on his right shoulder?
Great stories as always - more - more - more!

Why yes, Michelle, that IS a flower. A hibiscus flower to be exact. He loves the hibiscus, which represents his Hawaiian heritage, and is, let's be honest, one of the more, er *cough* MASCULINE *cough* flowers. winkwink nudgenudge knowwhatimean?

John_tat1_5 Last night John took an uncharacteristic interest in my blog. (I wonder why?)

JOHN: So?! Did you get lots of comments? Do I have a lot of fans?

ME: Why yes! Cheryl thinks you should not be called Couch-John but rather HUNK-John.

JOHN: Suh-weet!

ME: And Michelle asked whether that was a FLOWER on your shoulder. I'll probably respond that yes, it's a flower, but if you squint it looks like a skull and crossbones.

JOHN: Or you could just tell her that I have a bigger tattoo on my back of an eagle with a dead pig in its talons flying over a battleship.

ME: Even better.

Plus he can impersonate a panther!

OK, not really.

RKQOTD (Emma: Hey, in these socks it looks like I only have 4 toes on each foot! John: Well most people have 10 fingers and 10 toes. Emma: Unless they get frostbite. Karl: Yes, frostbite is a condition where extreme cold causes less blood flow to the parts of your body that are furthest from the heart. It can also lead to hypothermia. In some instances they have to cut off fingers or toes. Me: Alrighty then. Breakfast, anyone?)