On chipmunks and chachkis

OK, FINE! I can't spell!

Look, I did spell-check and it didn't recognize "chachkis" but I thought that was because it was Yiddish.

Or something.

Typepad also doesn't recognize "Heh" but do I let that stop me?

According to Dictionary.com, the word can be spelled one of two ways:

chach·ka or tchotch·ke 

So Wendy, I was only one letter off. Brrrplatlll. (How does one spell a raspberry?)

Please tell me that I spelled "raspberry" correctly.

And to my dear brother-in-law Randy: Joannie loved CHACHI, not tchotchkes!

Actually, she may have loved tchotchkes. I don't really remember what their apartment looked like. I was too focused on her hair.

*I* loved Chachi but that's a whole other post. He could have been Charles in charge of me. I'm just sayin'.

Rats. Now I have the theme song to Charles in Charge in my head. Charles in charge of our days and our nights. Charles in charge of our wrongs and our rights. And I sing . . . I want, I want Charles in charge of me!

And that's my little present to you, Cagney and Lacey of the Spelling Police . . . mess with me again and I'll lay an Oscar Meyer or Band-aid commercial on you. Don't make me prove it!


RKQOTD (Me: Karl, you need fifty cents for pajama day today. Find it and put it in your back- Karl: (interrupting) Dad already gave me fifty cents last night and I put it in a memorable zipper pocket in my backpack. Me: Good job! Karl: And by "memorable" I mean that I know where it is.)