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And it's a go!

For once in my life I'm actually EARLY at something! The first March Kit of the Month from Dollar Scrapbooking is up for sale! Kristi is letting me tell all my blog friends about it before she sends out the newsletter.

There's nothing to sign up for. We decided not to make this a club, at least not yet. Right now it's just an ala carte purchase system. You can preview the kits as they come available by going to Dollarscrapbooking.net and clicking on the NEW tab in the upper left. Click KIT OF THE MONTH from there. Right now you'll only see March and there will only be one kit for sale, the Girl Junk Album, but by March 1st there will be a Boy version of that kit and then every month there will be from 1-4 new kits offered for sale. They will cost $20 per kit, plus shipping. Shipping is always exact shipping, so don't be discouraged if the website estimates a high number. Kristi will adjust the charge to be exactly what it costs to ship it to you.

Now the website system for Dollarscrapbooking is very strict about file size. There's a preview item for this kit on the site, but it's not very large. So, you can also preview kits at my website by following this link: http://www.karenburniston.com/kotm.html. It will explain the program and provide a link to purchase the kits from Dollarscrapbooking.

Here are a description and preview of the first kit:

Honor a special little lady with a unique mini-album that you make from scratch and is also good for the environment! A ribbon card and product packaging from the kit supplies, along with an old CD that you provide, will all be re-purposed into pages and tags for this unique 6x6 junk album that is anything but junky! The kit comes will all the embellishments you will need and also includes access to the step-by-step downloadable handout, visuals and templates. TO COMPLETE THIS PROJECT YOU WILL NEED TO ADD: Pink cardstock, brown cardstock, brown paint, a CD, two beads and wire. You will also need a tool to make holes through plastic and the CD. We highly recommend a Crop-a-Dile tool from We R Memory Keepers, but a regular drill with a 3/16" bit will also work. Specific colors, quantities, sources and a complete tool list are included in the downloadable handout.


Here's that link again: http://www.karenburniston.com/kotm.html

When the kit comes in the mail it will include an inventory list and a unique code to allow you to download the instructions. You can then print the instructions, assemble your extras, grab your kit and tools and get to work!

There are some real benefits to designing with Dollarscrapbooking's inventory. For one, it's all discontinued and overstock, so most of it is no longer available in stores and you can ONLY find some of these products at Dollarscrapbooking.net. The advantage to YOU, the customer, is that you're getting product that is worth about triple what you're being charged for it. These are meaty kits - 12-17 packaged items, plus detailed instructions and visuals for only $20. We're talking classes of a caliber that I would charge $35 or $40 for if I were teaching them in a store.

The disadvantage is that we are limited to inventory on hand. We can't re-order these products, and once a kit is sold out, it is sold out. So please, if you think you want one, order it now. We have 90 of these girl kits.

Now a lot of you have taken my classes before and are familiar with the style of my projects and instructions. I cannot guarantee that I'm going to incorporate interactive techniques into these kits unless they are extremely easy to create from written instructions. What I do not want is a situation where the techniques are too hard to accomplish without a physical demonstration. Happy customers = GOOD! Frustrated customers = BAD! However, my classes are always technique-heavy. In this first class, for instance, you'll be making the album from scratch including the spiral binding, which is desperately simple once you have the templates and instructions. The closure is another nifty technique. And then there's all the re-purposed junk. Four items that likely would have been thrown away become elements and pages in the album.

My goal when designing classes is to give the student enough techniques and ideas to make up for any disappointment in colors or themes. Frankly, it's impossible to match the style of every potential student, so I try to design classes with "take-aways" other than the project itself; meaning ideas, techniques, templates, etc. I want a student to feel inspired to re-create the project in the style, color and theme of his/her choice. 

So that's my spiel! I'm very excited for this opportunity to offer classes over the web and especially when I get to work with such great products and such a hefty budget. I hope those of you who order the kit(s) will be satisfied enough to come back for more!


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