OK, as long as I don't have to ford any streams
It doesn't hurt (much) to type

OH! And one other thing . . .

Yes, I realize that you come to this post before the one below it, which makes it more like a headnote than a footnote, but this is just too exciting not to mention.

My new website, karenburniston.com, is up! Notice the linky-loo on the sidebar to the left. Or just click here!

I put all the info for my current classes there. I'll be teaching in Boston next week, as will a bunch of other teachers, some of whom are much bigger superstars than me. You know - like not just famous in Europe. So I know you have lots of class choices, but the projects are really rather nifty, and they're chock-full of techniques.

The Oregon students mentioned that the photos didn't really do the projects justice. Like you really couldn't tell how they moved, jumped and did laundry (OK, not that last part) from a flat photo, so I thought "Well why don't I just shoot a video preview?"

And so I did.

I didn't dress up or anything, and I'm just sitting on my living room couch, and the cameraman was my good pal T. Ripod, and I'm sort of hoping that I don't ACTUALLY look or sound like that (sigh) but feel free to head on over there and laugh at my amateurish video skills.

Now if you can't make it to Boston next week, I'm lining up a few other venues, but they haven't been solidified, so I'll update the calendar as they firm up. But you'll also be able to get the kits by mail, including color handouts and a DVD of me teaching the projects. (Expect home-movie quality on those DVD's - I'm just starting out here!) So check back for updates if you're interested in the classes.

And now I really must rest up for my crazy tomorrow activity . . .