It doesn't hurt (much) to type

As you wish!

Annabet asked to see a recent picture of my levitating superhero sister who can SFree2_2candinavian dance and mind-meld with squirrels. (hee)

I grabbed this cute shot from her blog:

Mama and baby Owen are doing fine. If you click that blog link you can see some adorable pictures of both her sons. (Versus this one, which is a cute one of Julie but Owen, I'm afraid, looks more like a coconut.)

I am happy to report that my legs are feeling more like rubber and less like jello. I can also make it down the stairs without wincing and, big news here . . . no Advil yet this morning! Woo Hoo!

Can't chat - must pack! I'm going to Boston in the morning. Ding Dong! The bells are going to chime. The kits are in a box. I must go wash my socks. But get me to the jet on time! (With apologies to Alfred P. Doolittle)

RMQOTD (Wouldn't it be loverly?)