T minus one day . . .
Home again, home again, jiggity jig!

We're here!

Quick post just to say that South Africa is beautiful! The weather is glorious, the people are wonderful, the culture is amazing, and the food is exotic. We tried ostrich and crocodile yesterday! Tonight we head to Durban and will get a day of relaxing at the beach tomorrow before getting on the ship on Friday.

During our 9.5 hour layover in London, we decided to take the tube into the city. A cranky immigration officer gave us major attitude because we had transferred to our departure terminal before going through immigration. He told us that we should have exited on the terminal where we landed. He did not approve of us "wandering about the airport." I'm not sure why it's considered "wandering about" when we had a ticket to depart from that terminal and were under no obligation to go through immigration at all if we would have just waited for our flight, but nevertheless we just apologized profusely, acted the part of witless Americans, and toodled through.  I've never been to London! I took 297 pictures of Big Ben, or so. It was freezing cold, so I had to buy a functional (and quite stylish) London stocking cap. We ate fish and chips and drank tea. Brilliant, smashing and all that, I'd say!

And all the South Africa details I'll save for when I can accompany the stories with photos. I'm on a borrowed computer and can't easily resize my photos for posting. Plus I think we're about to fetch the others. (Here in S. Africa we say "fetch" for picking someone up. I'm very down with the lingo, you know!) Oh, and they call me CAR-inn here, which sounds very sophisticated, I must say!


(TPBQOTD Every ship but your four fastest, you mean.)