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Scandinavian Festivus for the Best of Us!

What a Valentines Day!

7:15 am YIKES! How did I sleep in again?! Scurry around, get the kids up, get the kids dressed. When did Karl outgrow all his pants? Where's that Childrens Place coupon - maybe I should order him some of the "slim" jeans you can only get online . .  .gotta remember to do that. Let me check that lunch menu. Please have something they like. Please have something they like. "They've got soft pretzel, Karl, and PB&J, Emma. Hot lunch OK? Yeah? Great!" Whew. That saved me some time. Where are those backpacks?

7:58 am "Did you guys put your Valentines in your backpacks already? OK. Grab your stuff, your friends Kids_vday_low_reswill be here in TWO MINUTES!" ding dong "Make that two seconds. Wait! I want to take a picture of you. Here, hold these flowers. Sit there next to your sister. Act like you like her. Come on - it's just for a second. OK, everyone say 'HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!'. Great. Thanks! Coats on - let's go!" Rats. The sun was in their face and they're squinting. Didn't I just comb Emma's hair? Did she roll around on the carpet or something? Oh well, I can't worry about that now.

8:30 am Back from taking the kids to school. Hmmm, I'd better eat breakfast. Busy day - might not have time for lunch.

8:40 am Where is all my paperwork for the cookie drop? OK, here it is. Gosh. 63 cases - will that fit in just the back of the van? Do I have to stow the middle seats too? Better take the boosters out. How do these middle seats stow, anyway? Do I have time to look it up in the manual? No. Better just risk it. Oh crap. 8:48 - I've got just 7 minutes till my cookie drop time! Oh I hope I hit every light green . . .

8:59 am "I'm sorry, Kim. I hit every light red."

Cookie_drop_low_res9:15 am breathing hard after loading van "So I sign here on this line? I'm good to go? OK, see you later!" huff, puff, I've GOT to start exercising! Did I just sign for 63 cases of cookies? Mental math: 63x12x$3 = a couple thousand dollars! Oh.My.Goodness!! 

9:20 am Well OF COURSE I would hit every light green on the way home! Geez! OK, so I've got three hours to shower, sort cookies, create a booth sale schedule and e-mail the parents before Emma's party. Need to leave here at 12:40. No problem. I can do that!

12:30 pm "Julie, I HAVE to hang up! I have to be to the school in 15 minutes and I haven't even showered! OK, talk to you later. Bye." Why?! Why can't I be on time? OK, this will be the quickest shower known to man. *Brrrrrrrring* No. I can't answer it. I can't. "Hello? Oh hi Ev! How's the road trip? Whoops! Thanks for the reminder. I forgot all about the flowers. So they'll send you a replacement bouquet to your mom's house, then? How nice of them! OK, I'll swing by your house on the way to the school and see if they're on your porch. Sure! I'll take a photo - can you check your e-mail at your mom's? OK. No problem. Gotta go, though. I'm late for Emma's party. OK, bye." Emma_party_low_res

12:59 pm huff, puff, move semi-wet hair out of eyes "Oh I'm so sorry I'm late! Here are the juice boxes. Wow! What a great party! Those heart headband thingies are really cool! What are you making now, Emma? A bookmark? Great job, honey!"

1:30 pm OK, one party down, one to go. Hmmm, I've got an hour. I'd better go get that posterboard for the meeting this afternoon. Oh, and see if the flowers are on Ev's porch. I can do that, too. Darn! Forgot to order those jeans for Karl.

2:25 pm "Hi! I'm here for the party. Here are the juice boxes. Notice that I'm 5 minutes early. Did everyone see that?! Why yes, sure, I'll pass out the juice boxes - I've got 5 mKarl_green_low_resinutes, after all! Oh hi Karl! You're back before the other kids, why's that? Oh, you were in O.T.? You're looking a little green, kiddo. Do you feel OK? Your stomach hurts? Well don't eat the goodies then. We'll just take them home for later. Do you want to pass out your Valentines and leave a bit early? You do? OK, no problem. Here come the other kids. Let's get your Valentines passed out." OK, this is going to work. I can handle this. I'll check him out early, run home, get all the cookies for the moms, and be back in time for the meeting. Can't forget Emma's vest. Where is that thing? Oh yeah it's in . . . "KARL?! Are you going to get sick?! Buddy - RUN to the bathroom. RUN!" 

2:55 pm "Karl?! I can't come in the boy's bathroom. Are you in there? Did you make it to the toilet? You did? Oh I'm so relieved. Do you have to throw up ag . . ." *horrendous retching sound* "OK. I guess you do. Just take your time, kiddo. I'll be out here when you come out." Oh geez. I do not need this! How am I going to swing this one? I'm in charge of training the girls for booth sales today. Maybe he'll be in that "post-throw-up-feel-good" stage and I can get through the Brownie meeting. Here he comes now. "Hi Boo. Feel better? You do? Great! What's that? Why did it come out your nose? Well, when you throw up forcefully like that, it can come out your nose because your nose is actually connected to your mouth at the very back. Yeah, that is pretty interesting, but we really should get going now."

3:20 pm huffing. puffing. I've really GOT to start exercising! Oh good. Emma got the message to go to Girl Scouts. "Hi Becky. Karl's sick, so I'm going to put him over here by this trash can with a book. I brought everyone's cookies except Allee's. Her dad is picking them up later. Oh really? He changed his plans? He's coming HERE?! Oh man, I have to go home and get his cookies then. You walked and don't have a vehicle? OK, so I'll drop your cookies off at your house and that will make room for his cookies in the van. No, it's not a problem. I'll do the booth sale training first and then I'll run home during the second half of the meeting."

4:15 pm huffing. puffing. I've really GOT to start exercising! "Hi parents. I have the cookies in my van, so let's go transfer them to your cars." Whew. Have now distributed the financial responsibility for the cookies.

4:55 pm "We're home, kids! Still feeling OK, Karl? Great. Let's get that homework started. Dinner? Whoops. Hadn't thought about dinner. Oh lookie here on the calendar! It's pizza night to promote the school! Well we want to support the school, don't we? Pizza it is!" Whew. OK, let me just get Ev's bouquet in water. Wow! A dozen roses! Lucky Ev! But, more importantly, lucky me that I inherited them! Better take a photo for her. While I'm at it, I'll take a photo of what MY romantic hubby gave me. Also flowers, although not roses, and a carton of Whoppers. He knows me oh-so-well!Evs_roses_low_res Hmmm, John_gift_low_res_1 is that a layer of dust on my table? Why yes, I believe it is. Well maybe I can just Photoshop it out - I really need to order the pizza!

5:35 pm "Hi John! We're having pizza to support the school tonight. A shame, really, because I was going to prepare a romantic several-course Italian feast. But we want to support the school, don't we?" OK, I didn't say that big fib about the Italian feast, but it would have been funny, huh? "What did I do today? Oh not much."

Happy day-after-Valentines Day!

TPBQOTD (Inigo, I saw the Prince's stable and there they were - four white horses. And I thought; there are four of us, if we ever find the lady. Hello, lady!)