*SNEAK PEEK* Summer 2014 Pop it Ups Release (part 2)

A couple of weeks ago I showed a Sneak Peek Part 1 of the Summer 2014 Pop it Ups die release and I'm back today with Part 2. All sixteen dies in the Summer Release will be in stores mid-July 2014. Elizabeth Craft Designs will also offer these dies on their website for people without local stores. 

This Part 2 Sneak Peek shows the remaining six dies and I've put together an introductory video for them:


Pivot Cards are quick and easy interactive cards where the designs pivot from the front and back of the card into the interior to create both the front and inside decoration in one fell swoop. The newest Pivot Card is the Evergreen Pivot Card (#912). This 8-die set will work year-round for outdoor scenes and also includes stars, ornaments and a gift when using it for Christmas trees. Each of the decorator tree dies has a different emboss feature - swirls, wavy lines and dots.

912 - Evergreen Pivot Card

The Outdoor Edges (#914) die is going to work great with all of the Pop it Ups dies to create borders and edges for all your outdoor scenes. Use the wavy hills edge to make snow, hills or even just a decorative edge to a card.

912 - Evergreen Pivot Card

I named the newest general pop-up after my late grandmother, Lorna. She also loved owls, so I thought it fitting to add Poppy the Owl to the card for the packaging. I think you'll really like the features of the Lorna Label - specifically how large it is for decorating. A box platform below the label sticks out a little further into the card, giving you two levels to decorate. There is a stitch die included to make this a 6-die set if you separate it from the slightly-larger decorator die. Leave them connected if you prefer having perfectly-aligned stitches every time.

912 - Evergreen Pivot Card

The Holiday House is a 10-die decorator set and there are lots of ways to combine the pieces into different style houses. Use this die on any of the general pop-up dies OR it will fit perfectly on the House Pivot Card (#902) die, either with just these pieces or mixed in with the pieces from the other house. The little string of lights from this set will also work great on the Evergreen Pivot Card to add lights to the trees.

912 - Evergreen Pivot Card

The Clock and Gears is another decorator die that will work great on its own or combined with the Pop it Ups dies. It will fit on the Circle Accordion #769 or the new Ring Accordion #904 or the Spiral Circle Pull Card #916. The numbers can be used individually and/or nested back into the holes for an inlaid look. Use the Roman numerals to create a second look to the clock, if desired. This is a 3" circle die, so a nice size to fill space on cards or layouts.

912 - Evergreen Pivot Card

And finally, the Spiral Circle Pull Card. This is a bit of a hybrid die - it has a Z-fold opening mechanism like a swing or flip card, but opens to a traditional solid card fold on the interior. It also has a hidden surprise inside with the optional spiral. There is a built-in closure system to keep the card closed so you don't get an accidental reveal. To open, simply pull. I will create a separate video on this card because there are so many options for it. It is a Pop it Ups die, which means you decide your card size and placement along the fold. An easy trick is just to add 3" to the width of your desired finished card size. For example - if you want the card to be an A2 when folded, (4.25" x 5.5") you would start with a 7.25" x 5.5" piece of cardstock. If you want the card to be a 6x6 when folded, you would start with a 9x6 piece of paper. You can also make interesting doubles and waterfalls with this die and the spiral can be used to make 3D roses. (See? It needs its own video!)

912 - Evergreen Pivot Card

 With these six dies and the ten from Sneak Peek Part 1 you can now see the entire Summer Release all together. It includes:

  • Five new interactive dies - two accordions, one pivot, one general pop-up and one pull card
  • Four new Frame Edge dies to fit Accordions - two for Katie, one for Oval, one for Fancy 
  • Three new Character dies - Poppy the Owl, Hoppy the Frog, Chilly the Penguin, plus Props 1 to fit all of the Characters.
  • Two new decorator dies to embellish the pop-ups (or use on their own): Holiday House, Clock & Gears
  • One new set of edge dies - Outdoor Edges

Retailers are receiving all of the price lists, item numbers and pre-order information this week, so check with your local store to encourage them to get their orders in. Elizabeth Craft Designs will ship to stores in the first part of July with the goal to have them available in the stores by July 15, 2014.

June *Secret Word* Giveaway Winners!

For the June Designer Challenge the theme was Photo Accordion albums. My team of 11 plus 3 guest designers took on the challenge to use any of the Pop it Ups Accordion Album dies for any length/theme album as long as it incorporated photos.  


If you missed the Designer Challenge post last week, I encourage you to check it out. It's packed with inspiration on a variety of themes, including a new video tutorial from me for adding clear pages to albums, plus several team members used the two new Accordions coming in July: the Ring Accordion and the Katie Label Accordion.

903 - Katie Label Accordion903 - Katie Label Accordion

For the June Secret Word giveaway, members of my mailing list were instructed to use either the word Katie or the word Ring (or both) in their comment so they would be automatically entered into a random drawing to win one of the available now Accordions (Circle, Oval or Fancy) plus a set of companion Frame Edges to fit (Square w/Circle, Oval Dots, Oval Flourish or Fancy Frame Edges).

SW Giveaway Prizes

Since I had two teaching trips in May, I was unable to get a newsletter out with the Secret Word Giveaway so I promised my subscribers that I'd give away TWO prizes for June. A random number generator chose these two lucky winners:

Lisa G.:

At first I liked the look of the Katie label best, but I could see actually having a ring on my desk with pictures. It is very fancy looking and would class up my messy desk.

Carol S.:

I really enjoyed the video showing how to use clear pages with the Katie design. It was also great that you showed us how you fixed the card when it broke. Keep up the great work.

I will be e-mailing Lisa and Carol to find out which of the available-now Accordion Albums and Frame Edges they choose for their prize and then the dies will be sent from the warehouse in Colorado within a week or so.

Congratulations, Lisa and Carol!

If you want to join in the fun of the monthly Secret Word giveaways, plus stay informed of videos, new products and teaching dates, simply join my Mailing List by clicking the button below. You will receive one e-mail a month, normally on or around the Designer Challenge date. For July the Designer Challenge theme is Christmas (or other winter holiday) in July, and the team's projects, plus a new video from me, will be posted on the Elizabeth Craft Designs blog on July 16, 2014. (All the new Summer Release dies will be in stores by then!)

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Lots of Pops (or should I say Lots of Hops?)

Today I've got a fun Pop it Ups card featuring the new Hoppy the Frog die. Hoppy is part of the Summer 2014 release and will be in stores mid-July. Elizabeth Craft Designs caters to independent retailers, so definitely ask your local store to order the new dies.

You will be able to order online and for some people that's their only option if they have no local stores. It's always nice, though, when you can pick up a product and hold it in your hand before purchasing, so let those local stores know that you're interested! 

909 - Hoppy the Frog

Hoppy the Frog is one of the three new Character Dies. Here is the introductory video for the Characters:


For this card I used Hoppy on the front of the card as well. I embossed the cardstock with the Trendy Tiles 1 Embossing folder, which looks good both embossed and debossed, so it's perfect for backing cards, where you'll see both sides. The Hoppy styling for the front of the card is just two staggered detail layers  with no shadow layer. I also used the stitched and circle decorator dies from the new Ring Accordion and the flourish from the Agatha Edges die.


This is an A2-sized card, opening from the top (so 4.25" wide by 11" long, folded at 5.5") I die cut the Lots of Pops die into a slightly smaller piece of green patterned paper and cut the bottom edge with an Agatha Edge. I styled Hoppy a couple of different ways, just playing. The dark green Hoppy on the right edge was embossed with the Trendy Tiles 1 embossing folder and put together with pop dots. The greeting stamp was a gift from my friend Margene, who thought it was right up my alley. She was right! 


For jumping Hoppy, I simply cut his legs from the side of his body and glued them back on in a different position. I created the jump lines using a Sharpie marker on transparency and attaching it to one of the pops. The fly is a decorator die that comes in the Hoppy set.


Although Hoppy and the Ring Album (for the stitched circles) aren't available for another few weeks, the rest of the Pop it Ups dies are available now. Check your local store or use these shopping links:

Lucy the Linebacker

"So what's going on with Lucy today, she has a linebacker injury?"

Two, actually.

Both knees. 

It started with just one knee, and then because she was favoring it so much (and tearing through the house barking, jumping and wrestling with Katie) she blew out the other knee as well.




We adopted Lucy from the shelter in August 2008 and they estimated that she was about 10 months old at the time. She has gray hair now (join the club!) but otherwise has aged pretty gracefully for being nearly 7 years old.

But unfortunately her summer is going to be spent having knee surgery, recovering from knee surgery and then . . . 

having knee surgery again.

While my summer will be spent paying for knee surgery, recovering from paying for knee surgery and then . . .

paying for knee surgery again.


In other news, John wanted a throwback 2012 Team USA jersey to wear during the World Cup for his Father's Day gift. The kids and I worked together to reproduce the jersey in card form as well.


Time for the game! Go Team USA!!!!!

The Characters celebrate Halloween! (in June)

If you missed this week's Sneak Peek (Part 1) of the new Pop it Ups release coming to stores July 15, 2014, you may be seeing the new Character die sets for the first time. Here is the introductory video:


Summer Release is when we introduce dies that can be used for the fall and winter holidays. With product design you're always working six months ahead with ideas, classes and samples - it's pretty funny, actually! So as the kids start summer vacation I'm pulling out Halloween papers!

I created three Halloween samples using the new Character dies and even though the newest dies won't be available for another month, I've mixed in a lot of existing Pop it Ups dies that are available now.

For example, this first card uses the Lots of Pops, Oval Flourish Frame Edges and All Seasons Tree dies. (Supply links follow each card)

My concept for this card was to have Poppy the Owl wear a Ghost costume when the card was closed. The ghost is hand drawn and cut with a craft knife through both layers (white spiderwebs and black spiderwebs) of the card's front so that I could fill the opening with a larger piece of vellum sandwiched between the layers. A circle punch worked perfectly for punching the eye holes into the vellum before sandwiching. To finish the card's front I cut four Oval Flourish Frame edges from orange cardstock and created the frame. 


You'll see in the photo above that Poppy's eyes shine through the ghost costume when the card is closed. Open the card and a pop-up scene is revealed, complete with spooky tree and Poppy in a Groucho Marx mask.

When I cut the Lots of Pops into the bats patterned paper one just happened to line up with the upper stairstep platform. I hated to cover it up, so instead I wove the brown tree trunk (just a folded piece of brown cardstock) underneath the stairstep and glued it to the back side of the stairstep. I added a hand cut wider section for the base of the tree and branches from the All Seasons Tree.

The Props 1 set includes the glasses and mustache and I thought it would be fun to make a Groucho Marx mask for Poppy so I used his beak cut-out, cut from a flesh color and flipped upside-down, to be the nose. Poppy is attached to another All Seasons Tree used as a branch.


With the Lots of Pops die you can choose which "pops" to expand and which ones to leave collapsed. I only used the big center pop and one of the stairsteps (for the tree) and left the other three pops in the collapsed position.


Die supply links:  

Next up is a different look for Poppy the Owl and Hoppy the Frog - realistic textures!

I wanted to show how nicely you can mix pages between the existing Circle Accordion Album (available now) and the upcoming Ring Accordion (available mid-July 2014). I used the Ring Album for the outside pages and the Circle Accordion for the center page. The inner circles on both albums are the same size, so assembly is a breeze. The outer square on the Circle Accordion will have to be trimmed down on the bottom edge to match the base of the ring page, but it's a quick and easy modification with a trimmer.


For this album I also used a large corner rounder on the center page. When I photographed this project I was losing light and the silver tray was off balance. I didn't notice the album not resting evenly on the tray until I was editing the photos. The album does stand up nice and even on a flat surface.


The Characters are definitely drawn in a cute, cartoonish way but I wanted to show that they can be styled in a realistic way by simply changing their eyes and choosing realistic textures for their bodies. In this case I printed some owl feathers and frog skin photos and then die cut them. For Poppy's eyes I used two different circle punches, since I did not want the little cut-out in the eyeballs. Hoppy's eyes are made using the detail layer die to cut green circles, then hand cutting an almond shape from each circle and gluing them over a black circle. For both Characters I added tiny Glitter Dots for the catch lights and coated the eyes with Glossy Accents.


Die supply links: 

One more Halloween-themed Character project to show. I loved making this one, where each Character is wearing a mask of one of the other Characters. Ha ha ha! What fun!


I used the new Ring album to make a four-page album but mixed in some of the decorator dies from the Circle Accordion album. None of the decorator dies duplicate between the two albums, so by mixing them you get a lot of sizes!


The masks are cut from Shimmer Sheetz so they have that authentic plastic mask sheen to them. I hand cut the little trick or treat bags and drew their little faces on with a black pen. Some black and orange twine spun together made perfect mask cords and handles for the treat bags.


Die supply links:


Sneak peeks also allow customers to plan and budget for items they know they'll want to purchase. For this release, I split the Sneak Peeks into two parts - showing the first 10 dies now and the final 6 in a couple of weeks, closer to the ship date. 

Another perk to Sneak Peeks is that the amazing Designer Challenge Team, who has been making samples with the new dies for the last month or so, are now free to share those projects on their blogs. How do you find them? The easiest is to "Like" the Karen Burniston Designer Page on Facebook, where I post daily links to new projects using Pop it Ups dies.

I've also added a new Pinterest board dedicated to Character samples.

So how about it? Which of these Halloween ideas is your favorite?

*SNEAK PEEK* Summer 2014 Pop it Ups Release (part 1)

I am so excited to announce that the Summer 2014 Karen Burniston Pop it Ups release will be shipping to stores the first couple weeks of July.  

The Summer release includes 16 new dies and 1 new embossing folder. Today's Sneak Peek will show you the first 10 dies in the release and then check back in a couple of weeks to see Part 2 of the Sneak Peek.

The Character dies are a new look for me. My Designer Challenge Team is comprised entirely of owl-lovers and they had been asking me to design an owl die. I had so much fun drawing Poppy that I just kept on drawing, adding Hoppy the Frog and Chilly the Penguin. Then, because it's fun to play dress-up, I created a set of Props dies to fit any of the Characters.

Obviously the Characters and Props can be used for flat cards and projects but they are also sized to fit perfectly on any of the Accordion dies, Pivot Cards or General Pop-up dies. You'll see a lot of ideas for the Characters by watching this introductory video, which features assembly instructions as well as a ton of Character cards made by the Designer Challenge Team.


As you saw in the video, the DC team has been churning out great projects using the Characters with the two new Accordion Album dies. The Katie Label Accordion is the same outer dimensions as the Oval Accordion, so you'll be able to mix pages between those two. It folds up into an A2 sized card (4.25" x 5.5") and is designed as a vertical version of the Katie Label shape, which is already available as a Katie Label Pivot Card die. The decorator dies that come with the Katie Label Accordion do not duplicate the decorator dies that come with the Katie Label Pivot Card die set but all decorator dies will coordinate nicely and can be mixed between the two die sets. Two new sets of Frame Edges will fit the Katie Label Accordion - the Holly (which will look like general leaves when cut from Fall colors) and the Stars.

The Ring Accordion Album was requested by Els van de Burgt, the founder and owner of Elizabeth Craft Designs. She had an idea for an accordion album with a circle inside a circle that could be decorated as ornaments for Christmas. I came up with the Ring Accordion design, which features a scalloped frame edge (included with the set) and two sizes of ornament tops in addition to decorator circle dies. Once again, this die will coordinate perfectly with the Circle and Fancy Accordion Albums  but will not exactly duplicate the decorator dies so they can be mixed between the sets for more possiblities.


I have two new Frame Edges sets to fit existing Accordion dies. The Oval Clouds Frame Edges will fit on the Oval Accordion and the Fancy Seasons Frame Edges will fit on the Fancy Accordion

The schedule is to have the entire release (which means these ten dies and six more that I'll show in Part 2) available in stores by July 15, 2014. You will not find ECD products in the big chain craft stores, so make sure you're asking your local independent stores to order them. They can do so directly from Elizabeth Craft Designs or through their sales rep.

The next few weeks is going to be a great time to make sure you've Liked my Facebook Page and followed my Pinterest Boards where you'll find daily links to all of the Designer Challenge Team creations using these dies, as they are now free to share everything they've been creating with the summer release on their own blogs. You're going to LOVE the clever ideas!


Make sure you don't miss next week's Designer Challenge on the Elizabeth Craft Designs Blog, where the team is taking on the theme of Photo Accordion Albums. You'll see some creations made with the new Ring and Katie Label Accordion Albums as well.

Also stay tuned for Part 2 of the Sneak Peeks, coming in a couple of weeks, where I'll reveal the remaining 6 dies in the Summer release.

Karen Burniston Pop it Ups Designer Challenge - FLY!

image from karenburniston.typepad.com

Today I'm blogging on the Elizabeth Craft Designs blog for this month's Designer Challenge. Here are the only instructions I gave my team of eleven designers plus three guest designers:

The word is "FLY" - how will you interpret it? Use Pop it Ups for a project showing your vision.

They took the theme and ran flew with it! (See what I did there?) Definitely check out the ECD Blog to see photos and find links to all their amazing creations.

For my project I used the Butterfly Pivot Card along with the Butterfly Accessory Dies and Butterfly Embossing Folder to create a Triple Pivot card. Learn how I did it in this video:


The video has five main subjects:

  • Making a Triple Pivot Card using the Butterfly
  • Dryer Sheet tricks
  • Glittered inlaid butterfly
  • Butterfly Embossing Folder & Die coordination
  • Making Triple Pivot Cards using the Heart, Katie Label and House Pivot Card dies

Lots of content for 12 minutes, so I hope you'll give it a look. (And subscribe!)

Here are photos of my project followed by shopping links.


The video also shows how to get the tripling effect using the other Pivot Card dies:


Shopping Links:

A huge thanks to the amazing Designer Challenge Team (Caz, Donna, Fran, Frances, Gretchen, Helen, Karen, Kelly, Raquel, Shelly and Summer) and to my special guests Jenn Dove, Jennifer Mock and Sandy Diller for their projects for the FLY theme. My mind is soaring with ideas! (See what I did there?)

Secret Word Giveaway Winner for April

Thank you to Vivian, who e-mailed me to politiely inquire about April's giveaway winner since I had not *cough* posted said winner on my blog.

Uh oh.

I had forgotten to choose the winner. Sorry about that.

Rectified. Random.org chose this comment by Joy Hauck:

Loved all the beautiful creations by the design team and I’m looking forward to getting the new house die and the other soon to be revealed ones too!

Joy was supposed to win her very own House Pivot Card die set plus the All Seasons Tree set. However, since Joy had already purchased both dies, she chose to receive the Fancy Accordion Album and Fancy Frame Edges instead. Those will be speeding their way to Canada soon.

House Prize Pack

How did Joy win this glorious prize? She is a subscriber to my mailing list and receives one e-mail a month (seriously - it's all I can muster) where she is informed of the Secret Word. She left a comment on the Designer Challenge post using the Secret Word (it was "house") and just like that she was entered into the drawing. 

If you want to join in the fun of the monthly Secret Word giveaways, plus stay informed of videos, new products and teaching dates, simply join my Mailing List by clicking the button below. 

Congratulations, Joy!

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Pop it Ups + Peel-offs = Perfection!

One of the many things I love about working with Elizabeth Craft Designs is having the opportunity for Els van de Burgt to work her magic with my dies. She has such an amazing style, so rich with sparkle and layers. I love everything she creates and especially what she creates with (and for!) the Pop it Ups dies.

Els has been designing and commissioning new Peel-off stickers to perfectly match the Pop it Ups dies. 

One such Peel-off is the Roses in Oval, which matches the Oval Accordion die. I've been using this beautiful Peel-off in my current card class, making this project:


For a short period, the Oval Accordion die was out of stock, so I remade the class project using the Circle Roses Peel-off sticker, which fits on the Circle Accordion die. As you can see, it's the exact same project, just with a swap of die and sticker.


For my upcoming classes at Clipper Street Scrapbook Company, in Langley, BC, Canada, I will be teaching both the Oval Roses project and this Fancy Accordion project using the new Flower Labels 2 Peel-offs that fit the Fancy Accordion die perfectly:


Need a quick lesson in how to use the Accordion Albums? Check out this great video by Els. You'll also see the fantastic Owl Circle Peel-off stickers that fit the Circle Accordion die plus great samples by Kelly Booth and Frances Byrne.


Here are shopping links for all of the Accordion Albums, coordinating Frame Edge dies, plus all the choices for coordinating Peel-off stickers: 

But wait! There's even more!

Els also did this fantastic video showing how to use the Pivot Card dies. 


The House is the newest Pivot Card die and you can watch a video tutorial here.


The Butterfly Pivot die comes with all the decorator pieces, but also coordinates perfectly with the Butterflies Embossing Folder and the Butterfly Accessory Dies. 


The Heart Pivot Card can be used year round for a variety of all-purpose Love themes, so don't think it's just a Valentines Day die!


Finally, the Katie Label Pivot Card includes a great variety of labels for decorating, and many times I find myself reaching for the Katie Labels to decorate other cards as well. 


Here are shopping links for all four Pivot Card dies, the coordinating dies/folders and the coordinating Peel-offs to fit the Katie Label Pivot Card:

Pop it Ups House Pivot Card #902 in stores now!

So here's one good thing about me neglecting my blog for weeks - I was completely oblivious to Typepad being down for several days this week! Tra-la-la!

Oh sure, I could have played that differently, maybe something like "I have been trying and trying to get a post up, but Typepad has been down. Quite frustrating since I am so DILIGENT to have NEW POSTS up all the TIME!

Except that wouldn't be quite true. 

Or any true.

Quite false, in fact.

Because things have been so busy, you see. I've been insanely busy with teaching a bunch of classes, getting new die designs sent in, last-minute tax preparation, eating crawfish, pulling together the April Designer Challenge post and . . . oh yeah . . . launching a new die!


The House Pivot Card die is now available at independent retailers around the world. Check with your local store because they might already have it in stock, if they order direct from Elizabeth Craft Designs. If they order from a distributor it's going to take longer.

You can learn how to use this die by watching this video tutorial.



Supply Links: 

If you watched the video you got to see some of the amazing cards made by the Karen Burniston Design Team. I've assembled those here with links to their associated blog posts if you'd like to look at them closer, see the card fronts, see their specific supply lists, tips, etc. (In other words, click away!) 

Els van de Burgt, the owner and founder of Elizabeth Craft Designs, created this wonderful cabin card, which she posted recently on the ECD Facebook Page. Notice the smoke coming out of the chimney and her different height trees made with the Five Part Pine Tree die


Frances Byrne turned the House die into a dog house and embellished with cute dog stamps, the label from the Lucy Label Pop it Ups die and the All Seasons Tree.


Gretchen Schmidt also used the house for a dog house card but the cards are very different. This is the wonderful thing about die cutting, where YOU choose your theme, colors and textures. Gretchen used the grass from the Garden Bench die and the stitched oval from the Oval Accordion for the door.


Donna Wright made a lovely friend card, which uses the House, Garden Bench Grass, All Seasons Tree and the Fancy Frame Edges die to make a cool partial border.


Frances Byrne has the best sentiment stamps, including this one that says Love lives Here. How perfect! Love her use of additional fence cuts (I suspect the seam is behind the little boy) to create a longer fence for the left half of the card.


The house die is going to be perfect for Christmas cards, as Gretchen Schmidt illustrates here with her adorable gingerbread house card. Notice the stamped peppermint sticks cut out with the extra picket die - love that! She also used the Agatha Edges and the snowflake from the All Seasons Tree on this card.


Helen Cryer made this positively lovely coral and white house creation. I like how she separated the window boxes from a second set of die-cut window frames and glued them over the top for contrast. The individually cut leaves to decorate the All Seasons Tree die look great.


The colors in this next card by Kelly Booth are so bright and fun. She's embellished with adorable Stacey Yacula stamps and a label from the Katie Label Pivot Card die set. Kelly also made two-tone window frames/boxes and also added a wire smoke wisp.


Kelly Booth made a second card, also with a wire smoke wisp but this time using the All Seasons Tree and a decorator die from the Fancy Accordion Album. Love her sponged cloudy sky, too.


Raquel Mason really thought outside the house with her cards. For this first one, she fashioned the house into a bird house, using the Redbreasts Peel-off Stickers (one of my favorites!).


When I first told the design team about this die I mentioned some adaptations that they could try. All I had to say was "you can reverse the folds and the fence will be on the front" and Raquel Mason was on it! She came up with this great Dream Home card, featuring the die folded opposite.


This next card, the UP house, has been quite the "crowd favorite" with the students in my classes. Raquel Mason added a clear platform from the Lots of Pops die above the house to have a way to attach all of her balloons, cut from Shimmer Sheetz and embossed. 


Raquel Mason hasn't run out of good ideas yet! Another adaptation I mentioned to the team was that they could line up either the house or the fence side of the die over a folded card to double it and make a double-house card or a double-fence card. Leave it to Raquel to not only try the technique, but also to flip the double house over and decorate it like a man's vest! Now that's CLEVER!!! 


But wait! She didn't stop with a double-house-flipped-vest card . . . she also made a sand castle card using the double-house technique! Way to go, Raquel Mason!

PIU ECD DT Sandcastle House Pivot inside

Gretchen, Frances, Kelly, Helen and Raquel were the Design Team members who were available to "drop everything" and make some sample cards on very short notice. We have since sent out the die to the rest of the team and it's been showing up in their mailboxes this week. I expect a lot more House Pivot Card inspiration to start hitting the Facebook Page in the days and weeks ahead, so definitely give the page a "Like" so you don't miss any of their wonderful creations.

If you'd like to learn how to use the House Pivot Card in person and you live in the Houston area, you can join me on Saturday, April 26th, at Scrapp'n Savvy for a Pop it Ups class. The morning session is full, I believe, but the afternoon session has space. Call the store for details. We will make these four cards: