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Raquel Mason

Thanks for the old school tutorial, not that there's anything wrong with that. It's such a pretty card & great color combo. Very clever using the lock in the center of the heart, like it!

Jacquelene L

Thank you for the excellent step by step tutorial. I hope you are feeling better soon. This is my kind of valentine card. Funny, I was thinking about this type of card today. I was wishing I had your old pop up hearts card die. Now I have this tutorial and all I need is the new dies. My granddaughter would love this card, she is six and has a thing for anything hearts.
This would also make a beautiful birthday card, for my heart loving girl.
Thank you for sharing today. Now get some rest.
Jacquelene L

Frances Byrne

wow Karen, your card is amazing. Thanks for the fabulous tutorial


Such a beautiful contemporary card, Karen, without being too 'soppy' :) Thanks for the really great tutorial.
I do hope your cough goes away and that you feel much better soon. Take care.

Debbie Wilson

Stunning. Amazing. Fabulous. I;m running out of superlatives! Love it.

Hope you shake this cold/cough and get well soon! Since you were around so many people at CHA, please be watchful of your symptoms and if not better soon, go to the doctor for a flu test.


Wonderful! I too love the old hearts-a-plenty card, but I'm going to enjoy learning to do this, too. Feel better soon!

Lisa H

great tutorial! I love the card and the dies. =)

Linda K

Thanks for all the time you took with the tutorial. It's killing me to wait for the dies. Hope you are well soon.

Debbie Kaste

Terrific card, Karen! Thanks for sharing. Hope you are feeling better REAL SOON.

Elaine S

thanks for doing the tutorial, especially when there are other issues getting in your way, cough, cough...
It was great seeing an 'old fashioned tutorial' again...
You are so inventive and talented....I don't know when you get the time to sleep with all of these great ideas going on!! Thanks for sharing...Get better soon

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