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alison bergman

love what you did! I am impressed for something a mere paper engineer did! Love it and will try the embossed front too!

Donna Gibson

Thank you for showing another use for the pop 'n cuts square base which I just bought!! Cute, cute, cute!

Shelly H

Love how you used the square base for this - very cool! And you're welcome. :) It turned out great!

Fran Sabad

Love this! Not sure I'm brave enough to try it - but you did a great job :)


Well I have seen Shelly's and I think yours turned out fantastically well. Well done for doing something out of your comfort zone and creating a little masterpiece!

Raquel Mason

It's a great journal, great use of your suitcase die & square base. The faux leather is so nice.

Jacquelene L

I like it! I think it is unusual, it looks like it has been on a long, long, long, journey. Kinda like when the Victorians would go on a one year European Tour. I think it's very good, for an amazing paper engineer, who is working outside her comfort zone. What other amazing projects will you try in the future, outside your comfort zone? Who knows where these exciting new projects will lead you. Thank you for sharing and for the inspiration.
Jacquelene L

Ana R

I think it's great! Thanks for sharing your work even when you don't think it's your best work ever. It means that in art the joy is in the journey: having fun, try something new and pushing your comfort zone! You are an inspiration!

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