Christmas Clues 2012: Better "8" than never! The countdown begins!
Christmas Clues 2012: Day 10 - Making spirits bright! (only not!)

Christmas Clues 2012: Day 9 - be kind, please rewind!

KARL: Wow. This is a very sloppy wax seal.

Thanks, son. Critical much? He was right, though, I was trying to use up the last of the red wax and nearly burnt my fingers. 

KARL: I can't even read this. The wax seeped inside.

OK, OK, we get that it's not my finest seal.

EMMA: Let me see that. (grabs) The word is "etiquette" Karl.

07 Read9
06 Clue9
They read the clue and were very stumped. They sat on the barstools trying to think of things that were older than they were. I decided to remind them of their reference materials.

ME: You can use Google.

They looked at each other, momentarily wondering what they would Google.

KARL: Let's go look up "Be kind"

08 Google9
KARL: Hmmm. Nothing really looks right. There's a movie called "Be kind rewind" but I'm sure that's not it.

EMMA: They used to put that on tapes. (pause) Hey! TAPES!

KARL: Where are you going?

EMMA: Let's check the VHS tapes upstairs!

The went up to the guest room, where we have an old TV with integrated VCR and a bunch of old Disney movies on VHS. They looked through one drawer of tapes and then went to the second.

KARL: Do you think she would have put it inside one of these cases?

EMMA: Let's check.

Emma was messily checking cases and putting them back.

KARL: No, make an orderly stack of the ones we have checked!

09 VHS9

It looked like the device required to play these tapes was way off their radar, so I figured I'd better do a little steering.

ME: What's that for, Emma?

EMMA: (glancing down at the case in her hand, puzzled) It holds a movie, Mom.

ME: No, I didn't mean the case itself. What's in it?

EMMA: A tape?

ME: What do you do with it?

EMMA: You play it in the VHS . . . oh!

Yes, my daughter had forgotten what a VCR was even called! Sheesh.

10 FindVCR9
She found the money.

11 Money9
After posing for their victory shot Emma said "I wish the VHS still worked."

First of all, my dear daughter, it is called a VCR!

Secondly . . . WHAT?! It doesn't work? The only reason we have that relic in the guest room is in case someone wants to watch an old movie. If it doesn't work then it's time to treat the guests to a flat screen and the wonders of HD!

ME: Make sure you guys pick up all the movies and tidy up in here.

KARL: (flopping down on the bed) Emma, I'll be Management and you be Labor!