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Hello, Mac!

Oh go ahead and say "I told you so!"

I can take it.

I deserve it.

e-mail from HP this morning:

Dear Customer:

At HP our products are designed, manufactured and serviced, to meet our high standards.   

We apologize for the possible delay in delivery of your service; however, we are diligently working on expediting your order.

Well at least they're diligently working. There's that.

They've also had my dead laptop for this entire week and up until my wickedly expensive shopping trip of yesterday, those "high standards" had temporarily put me out of business.

I should probably muster up the energy to care.

Yeah. I should probably do that.

But wait! Something shiny!!

Check out the card that Gretchen brought over yesterday:

Gretchen card 1
Gretchen card 2

Thanks, Gretchen! I don't deserve YOU!

I'm still not completely back - this is my first Mac and I have to unlearn Windows. Plus, I have to switch platforms on all my programs, so that will take a while.

I also lost over a month's worth of files on the laptop, including my entire Powerpoint presentation for Creative Escape.


But wait! Something shiny!

<enormous grin>