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Ikea is a wonderful store. Love it! And when you go, be sure to check out the "as-is" room. At my Ikea it's by the check-out. It's full of floor models, returned merchandise, etc. Even more awesome prices, and you can really make out like a bandit. We recently got at least 5 cabinets, some countertops, etc for a fraction of what they would cost new.


Good luck with the roaches, they usually wait until you have company to show themselves in the house! Will we see you and your BFF (and old online friend) on the 11th? I sent the invite by email.


I know you love Ikea more, sniff! sniff! lol! Glad you had a good time, it was an awesome day. It's wrong that you only spent $5... I know I didn't! ha! :-)

Vanessa M

I don't know how you managed to spend only $5.00. Lots of self-power, I guess. I know I can't do it! I absolutly love this store and always find something that I "need". I'm from France and since IKEA is Swedish, I was absolutly thrilled that they had them in America as well.

Brenda Pinnick

Ikea is my guilty indulgence!
I just bought the "alex" flat files to store my art and sitting at the check out, in a bin, waiting just for me was the most beautiful turquoise rug in just the right size for my upstairs office. It is divine!
oh, and of course, I had to have meatballs- always meatballs!

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