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My friend Gretchen, who introduced me to my new BFF . . .

Words cannot express how thrilled I was to learn that we had moved just a hop and skip away from my former-just-thru-FB-friend Gretchen, who fast became my in-person-talk-me-down-from-a-Texas-sized-ledge-friend Gretchen. She's funny and helpful and a great designer and a heck of an enabler.

Before continuing on with just how much G has enabled me, let me first just clarify something about my last post -

We don't have roaches.

I mean, not a lot. Just the ONE roach, that John let in. The roach hung out under the couch overnight, meandered to the pantry, made a run for it when Karl opened the pantry door, met his untimely demise from my slobbery dog, was summarily scooped up and discarded, and then all of his little roach friends were told in no uncertain terms (ala Bug Guy) that they were unwelcome. Six met their demise on the driveway, either trying to get in (wishful thinking) or, more likely, fleeing the house.

Since then, there have been no more. None. Not a one. I promise.

You can come over for dinner.

Only not, because there are 2 baskets of clean laundry on the couch, dog toys everywhere, and a general air of clutteriness from a particularly busy week.

Which brings me back to Gretchen-the-enabler.

She took me to IKEA.

I'd never been to IKEA.

I'm moving to IKEA!

Words cannot express how much I love IKEA. And Gretchen. But mostly IKEA. Well . . . Gretchen introduced us . .. so both, equally.

They have EVERYTHING at IKEA! And it's so chic! And cheap! And perfect!

I spent less than $5 . . . (true!)

But mentally I spent $5,000. (true!)

In all seriousness, I will be building out my office with IKEA cabinets. I think they're beautiful, and affordable, and perfect in every way. I'm actually rather glad that my office is currently an explosion of boxes, bins and two card tables because I haven't had time to design it. NOW I have the inspiration.

Thank you, IKEA! (And Gretchen) (But mostly IKEA.) (Just kidding, G!)

Speaking of Gretchen, do check out this cute Halloween card she made using the new Pop-up Bat Die. One of these days I'm going to get caught up and have a chance to play with the new dies and make some cool stuff and don't even get me started on what I'm going to create with my new eClips, but in the meantime . .. thank goodness for my awesome designer friends!

Also, Tara has a new blog! Check it out here: T'Art

And Bonnie is up to her usual awesomeness and cleverosity. See her new biz cards here.