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Oh is more sizzix that I will have to buy!


You are hilarious! I so want to scraplift your design and put me & my husband's photo to send to him but it would take too long. Then I couldn't get dinner on the table! But really, I want to commend you on your Sizzix dies. They are ingenious!
btw, any time you return to Kansas City, give me a call. I found another BBQ joint that is to die for!


Love the stories! Congrats on your new adventures with Sizzix!


Congratulations!!! I am so far behind - congratulations on Lucy, on the new and gorgeous teeth for Karl, and *absolutely*, congrats on the new products! That is AWESOME! I am *so* excited for you!!

Mary MacLeod

Hi Karen, well done on the deal with Sizzix. Will probably be 6 months until we get them here in the UK. Hope new Home Construction Classes are in the pipeline!!!!



Mary MacLeod

Hi Karen, well done on the Sizzix deal. Can't wait for the dies, just hope they are released here in the UK at the same time as the US. Your Blog is one of the 3 I read and I have have really missed your posts.
Hope Home Construction Classes are next on your list!!!!!!!!



Michelle Laboissonniere

Oh my gosh you completely crack me up!

I really enjoyed meeting you in person at CHA. I love the dies! I can't wait to get my hands on the ball and the beach chair too!


Bwahaha! At least when you do post, you make it worth our while. :)


Jeez Louise, girl - you totally crack me up. You know the milk and the screen. Well, I put the glass down... but just in time. Thanks.


Emma's a smart one!

Desire Fourie

Excellent engineering and scrapping photo stories ... had a little giggle on the side. Oooh I just love those Sissix dies you have engineered, they are mind bogling. Happy scrap engineering. Hugs from Desire


I drooled on the keyboard... I can't wait to get my hands on some of these...


I am so excited for these dies. I love your home construction projects, so these will make some of them a little quicker. Very nice! And, as usual, you crack me up!

Tifani Northcutt

Tell Karl that I don't own a Wii and he should see about asking you to send yours for a while so I can play. :)
I promise to send it back. :P

So, you are telling me that I need to start saving money to buy MORE scrap-booking stuff.. since I have a very small collection. :(

Tifani Northcutt

Tell Karl that I don't own a Wii and he should see about asking you to send yours for a while so I can play. :)
I promise to send it back. :P

So, you are telling me that I need to start saving money to buy MORE scrap-booking stuff.. since I have a very small collection. :(

Laura Achilles

you must think I'm the biggest duffo head in the world! This is our conversation:
K - Laura! Hey!
L - Karen...hey {hug} how are you!
K - good
L & K blah, blah time we got in, Christmas etc.
K - So who are you here with
L - Dream street. You?
K - Ellison, you know promoting my new product.....
L - Oh yeah, well see ya.

Serious dorkage moment on my part! Can you say not clueing in, not quite connecting in my old brain, not quite realizing what you were telling me?!?!?!?

Belated CONGRATULATIONS Karen!!! I'm excited and thrilled for you! Best of wishes to you! Laura

All of this should have been said in the Embassy lobby. Did I mention my lack of sleep and caffeine?


It's about time you did this

Michelle OKeefe

Congratulations Karen ! awesome and how the heck did you ever design those, wow. I need to see these IRL.
Deep down "you want me diecutting those letters". You are hilarious. Boy, I've missed you.


CONGRATULATIONS!!! So happy for you!!! Hilarious post as always!!!

Ruth in OZ

HI Karen, waving at you from across the big pond - man that die release is awesome, so excited for you and for US - as you know we have been doing your classes in our store, for a year now and we love them, the dies will make this a bit easier - take care Ruth (Scrapbook Central, Western Australia)

Angela K

This is so exciting!! Congratulations!! I can't wait to get some!!


Oh, wow! This is so so cool about me about a few months to save up!! LOL!! So happy for you!!!

Love the post b/ you & crack me up!

One of these days I would love to see you back in Chicago...but without the tornados! LOL!!

MargieH in Chicago


Damn. I sold my sizzix. I might need to go buy another one. MUCH congratulations on your new endeavor. They look great - I hope they're a huge success!!

Angela K

So exciting!! I can not wait to get some of these!! Congratulations!!

Aunt Mary

Congradulations Karen on your new product. You continue to crack me up and impress me with your creativity.

Helena - The Netherlands

Amazing!!! I can not wait until they get into the European market.
Congratulations Karen!!!

Dawn Silver

Congratulations, I seen these dies for sale in a shop for pre-order, I recognised them from the classes I have done with you.

One of the best teachers out.

I will be buying them.
Hope you release many more.

Tommie Jo

It's nie to have our hubbies at home isn't it? I'm a baby scrapbooker but congratulations~I sure know that name/brand!

Tammy T

I am LOL at your hilarious crafter's version of Jack Nicholson's speech! Had to pass that on to my family - big fans of the movie, not so much of my stamping.
Can't wait for the 3-tier cake die. Wow!


I loved both of those 'Few Good Men' jokes ... being a Civil Engineer I'm with John on the Architects! (even if I get my feet wet these days).
I'm tempted to find a copy to print out on A4 and stick on our tea area wall (well I'm in the UK, we need our tea & coffee at regular intervals!) It will be well appreciated by my section!

... and sizzix dies are cool, crossed fingers they land in the UK too!

Barry Short

Hi Karen,

Barry here from Sizzix in the UK! I hope you had a great Easter!

Looking forward to catching up with you at CHA Summer. Is there a house of blues anywhere near (he he!)

The dies are selling great guns over here and i'm looking forward to seeing the next amazing releases.

Take care and speak soon!


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