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Why of course, that IS what is wrong with the FBI!

sharyn (torm)

I adore you complete and total


now THAT was FUNNY.
and i'd be completely freaked out, too. thanks heavens they don't have those hand-held computers at my self-check out.

at least i don't think they do...

corinne delis

hehehe I would have loved to see the look on your face! your mini's look wonderful!



Love the classes!!! Did you ever hear from Memory Lane, PA!? I gave them your info... really hoping to get to take some of your phenom classes! And the magic lane... I tend to spoil the magic for my kids too! :) It's only fair...

janet o

OMG...I don't know what's better, the magic scanner or the FBI quote. I SO needed that smile today.


I love your blog! You are hilarious!!! I love your books. Lucky you going to The Netherlands! Can you PLEASE come to Orange County CALIFORNIA!


Holey kids will be spellbound by that scanner behind the back technology when it finally hits GA.

I do solemnly swear and pinky promise not to spoil the magic.

Which means I

A) am The world's Best Mom EVER!

B) have a bit of a mean streak

I have found the two not to be mutually exclusive!


you know Kurt did almost the same thing to the store you can get bulk honey...there is a sign saying don't touch the lid or you will let the bees out....I was a happy camper thinking there was bees in there....until the day KURT LIFTED THE LID...all that is in the boxes are tubs....I really haven't forgiven him for ruining the illision.



Ah, have you tried the wonder that is 20Q?


I feel so cheated we dont have those in Bama! Magic or not we gotta put in the codes! ID SOOOOO mess with my hubby on that one!!!


Hi karen,

We are just home from your workshop in doorn, holland (paper & pictures). I just want to say that my daughter and i had so much fun. It was great to sse you and learn from you. The album we made is lovely. We will finish it very soon can't wait to work on it. I wish you a good flight home and next time you are in holland we will certainly be at your workshop where ever it may be. For next month i wish you a merry christmas and a fabulous 2008!!
many thanks karen nicolai

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