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hey - at least she didn't ask what it means when someone says "the collar and cuffs don't match."

holy freaking crap!!! those albums are too stinking cute!! is she gonna sell them on the website, because there is no freaking way i can get to San Jose. fingers are crossed! thanks, hon!


Ugh, so diassapointed you are not coming to California. I spazed for a moment thinking I was going to finally have the chance to meet you, again. Ofcourse, the 1st time was CKU San Jose Eons ago, but then I didn't know how big you were in Europe, just loved your rub-ons. Now, I'd go all star struck on you.

So glad the T&C is back in the garage, you brought tears to my eyes for the painful memories of the monster scratch on the back of my Tahoe. Same deal, just different Dumas.

Amy B.

so sorry about your van. :( that's so sad. (and totally something I would do, btw. I'm the type of mother that has to count heads when she loads her car to be sure she doesn't leave someone somewhere.)

btw, tell Emma that it's because the water makes it so the hair doesn't reflect as much light.

Tammy J.


You and Kristi need to schedule a show SOON in Tampa, Florida. I'd love to meet you and work the booth sometime. :)

I am SO loving this booth concept. I HATE having to wait for make 'n takes whether they're free or not. These albums and the kits are definitely worth paying for, and it's very cool that you're doing a sign-up schedule for the make 'n takes. Great ideas!

-- Tammy


the albums are amazing!

Alana M

You are killing me, just killing me. You have a chance to come to beautiful San Jose and you PASS? Sheesh. Great concept and I love all the albums. I thought of going to the show but we have a birthday party to throw on Friday and a BS camping trip Sat and Sun. I hope the albums sell like hotcakes!

Alana M

And who makes all those letters? I couldn't find them on the dollar website....


Hi Karen,
Any chance you will be at the San Diego Expo?

I have been reading your blog for a few months now and you are so funny!
Anyway I am glad your car is ok now!
Have a great week!



i just realized you are coming to my neck of the woods (i live about 20 min. from the conv. center in st. charles).

let's talk!


My sis pointed me towards your updates. I am moving to the Chicago area next week and may be available to help in the booth. I need times of the open shifts. Send me an email and I will see what I can do.

Love your stories.


Hey!! I totally don't live in Seattle, but was considering attending that convention anyways. I'd LOVE to work the booth. Drop me a line and I'm going to talk to my hubby about attending. (Free airfare, you know!!)

BTW . . . still planning on being in Colorado next weekend . . . but DH (Doodie Head) hasn't made an itinerary yet. Was trying to show up for your teaching gig, but can't commit yet! Argh!!!

Deanna Shain

I would love to help you in the booth at the Seattle (Bellevue) show. I am available the entire show so let me know what you need.


Hey Karen I lost your email about the dates and times for the set up for the St Charles booth. I am available on Thursday and would like to work the whole day.

Can you please resend me an email with the information I need?



Just tried to email you but I live in Seattle and go to the convention every year. I can help with set up (done that a few times), days of and break down. Let me know!

Ramya Nagaraj

The art work is beautiful & well cordinated with a professional finish. It's beautiful!

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