With much regret
Here comes Peter Frostytail!

Did I say "tomorrow"?

Uh, yeah. That "I'll post pictures of three nifty classes tomorrow" thing was also part of the April Fool's joke. Yeah, yeah, that's the ticket. What I MEANT to say was "I'll post pictures of TWO nifty classes on TUESDAY"

Note to all the non-scrapbookers: this is pretty much an all-business post. The business of scrapbooking, so I totally understand if you want to bail.

So here's what's been going on. I met Lance, the owner of Rusty Pickle, a couple of years ago in Holland and we discovered that we have similar teaching styles. (Only I don't make people bribe me with food to win door prizes. Honestly - what woman could pull that off? That guy's a hoot!) Lance is a hot commodity - stores all over the world want him to come teach, and I had the opportunity last fall to design a class for him. Now they're giving me opportunity to teach Rusty Pickle classes since Lance can't be everywhere at once.

My first show is in two weeks! Eep. I'll be teaching the Rusty Pickle classes at the CK Mesa convention. (These are classes that someone else designed.) In addition, I'll be available to teach at stores in the area in the evenings after the convention hours, the day before, and the day after. Those classes will be my designs and I have two of them ready to present:



A third class choice is in the works and will also be a mini-album class with interactive features.

So if you are in the Phoenix area and would like to take one of these classes, can you do me a solid and ask your local store owner to contact Rusty Pickle's rep, Kristan, about booking a class? I would oh-so-appreciate it!

Oh, and don't be thrown off by my photo choices. I tend to use kid photos because I have a ready supply and because I'm too lazy to get photo releases from people. The Inner Circle album can be used for anything - think Mother's Day, romance, friendship, family, etc. I used it to compare my daughter at age 8 to me at age 8, so all the pull-tab photos are from 1978. How fitting that Emma and I have the exact same jack-o-lantern grin! Inner Circle would also make a unique gift album - maybe for a wedding or Mother's Day. And, as with all my classes, you'll get a detailed instruction sheet and extra templates, so you can always make the album again with different colors.

On Flip-Flop Summer, think anything summery, maybe a vacation, or, as Evelyn pointed out - you could make it an Easter layout. (Which works for the title because Easter has the same number of letters as Summer!) Oh, and with an easy page protector alteration, this layout operates fine inside an album.

So that's what I've got so far. Working hard on Class #3 so I can post it.

Oh, and I'm sorry for pulling that mean prank on you. Well . . . I'm mostly sorry. I'm partly very pleased with myself for pulling it off - did you see how well I used the "family comes first" and "life is chaotic" reasoning? Pathos, so good at the pathos! Heh.