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once again---totally jealous that you were in Amsterdam! I fell in love with that city two years ago and would give anything to go back.

I wasnt brave enough to take any pictures in the Red Light District. I wanted to hurry up and walk through it so I could say I had and not have to look any of the girls in the eyes. The rest of the city, though, I took a ton of pictures! :)


I've always wanted to visit, but haven't been yet. I'll remember the unwritten "no photo" rule in the Red Light District...

Oh, and thanks for cheering on the Saints. I'm a huge fan - myself and my husband live in New Orleans and have been season ticket holders since we've been here. What a terrible game - stupid Bears. But the Eagles in the Superdome the previous that was picture worthy!


Sounds like a spanking good time. Or maybe you just saw one in the bar on Tv numero 3.. I'm amazed by your talent, spin or no spin. And then you will be so close, yet so far. Same state, but not quite close enough. I had planned to go to CHA, but... As PeeWee said "everyone I know has a big but." Hopefully your landing will be less eventful than in Europe.

robyn bedsaul

Karen, glad you are back safe and sound!


ah karen i've missed you so.

that was a classic KB post that should be put away in your annals for future are a trip!

i'm not at a booth either. call matilda and we'll see if we can meet up.

Alana M

ARGH!! The one time you go a trade show, I am not! BLAHHHH!

corinne delis

bwhahahaha on the red light district part! I loved having you here in the NEtherlands again and when your back in June I will take you out to eat Tapas!!! Loved both your workshops and you have inspired me a lot with your techniques!!!!



Those projects are fabulous. No wonder they've already booked you for next year. Looking forward to seeing you on Tuesday!


Thanks for the workshop on monday, even though it was late and very cold you were great ! You are the interactive queen ! Hope to see you again soon.

Kelli Noto

Karen! It is so good to see you again! I have clicked on your blog so many times hoping to hear how Amsterdam was. Have a great time at CHA!

debbie susee

Such creative projects. I love the swirls/flourishes on the "Now & Then" project. Did you freehand cut them?

janet o.

Now would probably not be a good time for me to write
would it? :)
Glad you had fun - those interactive layouts are TOO COOL! Would you ever come to Chicago to teach? sheesh! :)


OMYGOSHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! I so want to meet the person who has been my online source of entertainment, as well as crafty guru goddess!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I won't be at a booth, as I am just walking around with the owner of the store that I will be teaching for. Hmmmm....Maybe I will email you my cell number...or maybe I will run up to you at the convention and hug you, altho that may scare the crappola out of you since I am a stranger. Normal looking stranger, but stranger nonetheless......So excited.

Amy B-perumbula

stories, so good at the stories. ;)

your trip sounds fabulous and I'm once again amazed at your projects. just gorgous!

I'm sad I'm not going to CHA now.

Michelle OKeefe

I'm so glad you are back. I was having Karen withdrawals. I needed a Karen-fix. Hey, look at that, red lights. I just thought it was a name for it, not actual red lights. Love those projects. They are really awesome. When you coming to NJ? I mean, I know it's not Europe, but......
Have fun at CHA. Tell us about the best stuff you see - please !

monique helfrich

What a great pic. of the red light district and the Munt Tower!! Great story too ;)
And hey, now i'll never forget how to make the pin wheel spin!! Thanks again for those interactive techniques!


My pinwheel is still spinning, but no wonder, you fixed it yourself!Again forgot to ask you to sign my book, but your fingerprints are on my album, I will always remember that ! And we`ll keep the book-signing in mind for june, sooooo glad you´ll be coming to SAG !!
BTW, great blog posting, you really made me laugh out loud again !
Greetings from Germany


wow your projects look really cool!!unfortunately i couldnt come :(


wow your projects look really cool!!unfortunately i couldnt come :(

Wanda E. Santiago

I want those kits something bad the colors just scream to me. As always your work is wonderful, just wanted to thank you for always putting a smile in my face. The last few weeks I have had to deal with surgery and all that good stuff and coming here and reading you is just what the Dr ordered. You make me smile that is a good thing. Hugs Wanda

cheryl mezzetti

So really your writing girl!


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