Fire that Fairy!
Somebody stop me!

Ornamental, my dear Watson!

So I'm talking to Cheryl on the phone the other day and she mentions that she has to run to the craft store for more of whatever fabulous glue she uses to make all those fabulous altered items. I told her that if I found myself suddenly out of glue I'd be mixing up some baking soda or melting down a horse hoof or something - anything to keep me from having to venture out.

And no, I don't actually have any horse hooves lying around.

But I digress. . .Dining_room_drapes

I put the draperies up last week after purchasing them with my 20%-off-everything coupon. Here are some photos:

Bay Window - before and after

Side Window - after. The eggplant color of the curtains looks like it was dyed to match the walls! Awesome!

We remain sans-table until the hardwood floors go in.

Finial_1The drapes are button-top chenille and the rods came with these fancy twisty finials, of which I only needed 2 for the bay window.

Looking at the four leftover finials it struck me that they'd make great Christmas ornaments.

Which brings me back to my original point about the horse hooves.

I wanted to alter the finials, but I needed to figure out how to hang them. They're threaded, so the most logical solution would have been a trip to the hardware store to see if they had eye-hooks with the same size thread. Did I do that? Of course not!

Instead I spent a bunch of time cutting up a styrofoam block to make plugs, threading chains through the foam, hot gluing the plugs into the finials, and then covering the tops with punched cardstock circles. It worked, but probably took longer than a trip to the hardware store.

The ornaments turned out adorable, though:Finial_ornaments_isolated

#1: Gold and Silver ribbon woven, God's Eye style, through the ornament. Gold organza ribbon bow.

#2: Tacky tape wrapped around each spoke and then dipped in green glitter. Red ribbon bow and hot-glued silver star button.

#3: Beaded wire wrapped around the spokes. Silver ribbon bow.

#4: Tightly wrapped ribbon around the spokes. Gold ribbon bow.

Pinecone_ornament_isolated I also had the wild idea to decorate a pinecone as an ornament. I only made one. You can see why:

I sat on the floor and hand-cut all those little pieces of paper and hot-glued them onto the pinecone. Why did I do this? Dunno.

It's one piece of Scenic Route paper, glitter and ribbon.

Plus a pinecone.

Plus a lot of patience.

Oh, and you have to hang the ornament low on the tree so you can see all the *&%@# paper! From the side it still looks like a brown pinecone. Aurgh!

And that's what I've been doing instead of laundry.

REQOTD (Emma: Thanks for giving all those craft supplies to my Girl Scout troop, Mom. Me: No problem - that's what Moms are for! Emma: (after a long pause) Well . . . I don't think that's what Moms are FOR, exactly.)