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Alana M

Now WHERE did you get those neato plain ornaments? Was it mentioned before because I must have missed it...I love them all but I don't think I'd make the glitter one, glitter has a way of migrating in my house.

I will tell all the horses to stay away from your house too.

Alana M

Okay so I'm brain sue me!

Stacey C.

LOVE them! The view from the top of the pinecone Rocks too!

...... just joking!


WOW your drapes looks beautiful,and love the ornaments you made.Maybe i am going to pimp a pinecorn as wel,it looks so cute!!


Beautiful ornaments, all of them. And I think you deserve a drink for the patience on that pinecone. It looks fabulous though. And I LOVE the drapes and the color of your walls. We have colorful walls all around so I definitely appreciate your shades.

Amy B-perumbula

gorgeous all around! love the drapes. definitely worth the wait. and I love your finials. it seems you did catch that altering virus. ;)


Bwhahahahaha that pinecone is hillarious, girl what you dont do to keep yourself from the laundry, lol. but it sure does look cute!



So, um, you aren't making 50 pinecones this year?

cheryl mezzetti

Okay so you are now officially inducted into the altering house of fame.....*snicker*


How very crafty of you, my dear! So - did you think of maybe hanging the pinecone upside down and then the paper would show from underneath? Just a thought...

Love the draperies... you are quite the domestic goddess. And who knew how fancy those finials could be? Submit that one to Martha!! She probably can send you her ankle bracelet as a thank-you. Then you could turn that around in e-bay for billions! Gen-i-us!

Michelle OKeefe "could" put more paper on the bottom of each and every pinecone (what do they call them? oh yeah) thingy.

These look fabulous Karen. Glad to see someone is in the holiday spirit. I need to get through Thanksgiving first. Very cool. Inspired, thanks !

Heather  Moll

Oh my gosh, woman! You are insane and those ornaments are GORGEOUS! WOW! Fantastic work! I can't believe you cut and glued all that paper! WOW!
Oh and the new window treatment is awesome too!

Mary Kay Seckinger

The ornaments are fab, but the REQOTD is the best.


I love the curtains...and I thought of you when I got extra Linens & Things coupons in my paper this week.
Love the ornaments...but where on earth did you find the extra 6 hours a day? LOL Please send them my way, please? Only have a scrapbook calendar to finish as a baby gift for a baby who is now a month old! Gah.

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