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Hey, I know that kid!!! Well... I used to-- she did some DIY trimming of her hair this weekend and now looks like Winona Ryder. LOL All those curls- Gone-- just gone.*sniff* *sniff*

It sounds like a fun trip. Be sure to enjoy yourself and make lots of memories.


Sharyn (Torm)

i wanna go to the scandinavian festival!!!!!!!!!!!!!

corinne delis

have fun on your trip sweetie! and people are fools if they aren;t signing up to your wonderful classes!



Ohhhhh I miss Oregon! (I grew up in Salem and Mt Angel areas)Have fun there. We are so boiling hot in Minnesota right now. iggg. I hope you have a great time teaching those classes. They look absolutely scrumptious!

Jenn Owen

Can't wait to take a couple of those classes when you make it to Massachusetts later this month!

Hope you and the kids have a fun & safe trip. Enjoy the festival!!!

Heather Moll

Why, oh why do I live so far away?!?!?!? You ROCK, girl! Those projects are phenomenol! The techniques blow my mind! Seriously, I just wanted to crawl into the computer screen and touch them! So flippin' cool, my friend! I hope the classes and the vacation go well!


I will look for you at the festival. Amy and her kids will be with me so I hope to run into you. Maybe we should drop by the pool to let the kids swim for old times sake! It is so wonderful to live in Oregon again. I even visited Hentze Farms for produce last week. And now the festival...this is as good as it gets. BTW- I smelled the mint the other night; heaven!

Amy B-perumbula

wish I could be there. You're projects are gorgeous. be sure to wave when you fly over the OR/Id border. I'll wave back. ;)


Totally wishing I were going to be in that neck of the least it won't be 100+ degrees while you're out here! :)


Beautiful projects, and that mini album ROCKS!


This is the coolest thing -showing your talent and getting to read your comments at the same time - almost like 'being there'!!!
Will you come back to Seattle (Lasting Memories) and do classes?? I totally missed your Oregon ones!! :( I love your blog and hope you had fun on the Scandinavian all sounds like it was a priceless trip. Jeniuses and all.. ;-)

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