Star Pivot Accordion Birthday Card

One year ago I made a Pivot Accordion Card for the Christmas in July Designer Challenge where I combined the Fancy Accordion with the Evergreen Pivot Card. 

I always liked that technique and figured it was time to use it again, but this time with a different Accordion, a different Pivot Card and a different theme. This is a birthday card for my sister, Julie. One year ago I made her card much more somber, in celebration of her 40th, but this year she gets a nice colorful card. What can I say? I'm nice like that!


This Pivot Accordion combines the Star Accordion with the Tags Pivot Card. I had been wanting to use a stamp set I purchased a while back hoping it would fit nicely with the Star Accordion and I was right - it's a Stampin' Up! set called Be the Star. (Supply links at the end of the post)

I stamped the large barn star stamp, colored it and then cut it out with the barn star die that comes included with the Star Accordion and has the score lines to create the 3D barn star. After stacking three small pop-dots underneath the center, I glued the edges down and covered it with Crackle Accents.


The center portion of the Accordion is where I cut the Tags Pivot Card. This one was a little more tricky than the Fancy because there's only one small tab for the Star Accordion and it was cut away in the process of cutting the Tags Pivot Card. So you can see below that I made a makeshift replacement tab near the bottom of the stars. It had to be longer to account for those points of the star normally having a gap between them. To disguise the seam where my makeshift tab is attached, I added a round metal clip on one side to suspend more stamped stars, and a die cut star on the other side.


The Be the Star stamp set does not include a birthday greeting so I used the Farm Greetings Clear Stamps to make the greeting tag for the 4th page. 


Here is a top view of the album so you can see how it operates. I used a 6x6 paper pack from Simple Stories called "Legacy" for all the frames and tags.


Learn how to make a Pivot Accordion Card in this video. The blog post for the video card is here: Pivot Accordion Card


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Here are the specific shopping links for the Star Accordion. 

July 1, 2015: Karen Burniston Pop it Ups Category Breakdown

Happy Wednesday and Happy July! I'm blogging on the Elizabeth Craft Designs Blog today with a different type of Wednesday post. As the Pop it Ups Collection grows larger, it may be a little overwhelming to understand all the different mechanisms and how they are different. Today I'll explain it all!

It's a good ol' fashioned Pop it Ups Category Breakdown! (cheer! applause! fireworks!) For each different category of die I have a visual reference of the available choices in that category plus any coordinating dies/folders shown below the die. (Pssst - want to make yourself a catalog/wish list? Got a printer?)

Pivot Cards

Pivot cards were designed to be a quick and easy interactive card. A fun feature of Pivot Cards is that the same decoration on the front of the card then pivots inside as the card is opened. This provides double-duty decoration, saving time and materials. Pivot Cards work by lining up the alignment nubs on the die over the fold of any size card, anywhere along the fold. This allows for complete customization of card size, shape and pivot card placement. There are currently six available styles of Pivot Cards.



Pivot Card Product Links:

Pivot Card Video Tutorials:

Introduction to Pivot Cards
Seamless Pivot Card Backing Cards
Double Heart Pivot Card
Double Katie Label Pivot Card
Double Evergreen Pivot Card
Triple Pivot Card Technique
House Pivot Card
Doublehigh Katie Label Pivot Card

Pivot Card Inspiration:

Karen Burniston's Pivot Cards Pinterest Board
Karen Burniston's Blog: Pivot Card Posts

Pull Cards

Pull cards are Z-fold flip or swing cards with a few extra features. They have tuck slots to keep the card closed to avoid an accidental reveal. They also have alignment nubs and the ability to cut the mechanism anywhere along the fold of any size card. They also have an optional pop-up element - the Circle comes with a spiral pop-up die and the Rectangle comes with a spinner pop-up die. Pull Cards differ from Pivot Cards because in this case, the item flips over when the card is opened, so you have front/back decorations. There are currently two available styles of Pull Cards.


Pull Card Product Links:

Pull Card Video Tutorials:

Spiral Circle Pull Card
Introduction to Spiral Circle Pull Card (slide to 7:30)
Introduction to Rectangle Pull Card (slide to 6:43)
Rectangle Pull Card - Buster Plays Dead
Rectangle Pull Card - Rocky Doffs his Cap

Pull Card Inspiration:

Karen Burniston's Pull Cards Pinterest Board
Karen Burniston's Blog: Pull Card Posts

General Pop-up Cards

Whereas Pivot and Pull Cards are immediately identifiable as interactive cards from the front of the card, the General Pop-ups are the traditional pop-ups where the recipient has no idea that something will happen until they open the card. These are the traditional "magic trick" cards, since they offer the most surprise to the recipient. All of the dies in this category have alignment nubs allowing them to be placed anywhere along the fold of any size card. They are viewed best when the card is open to 90 degrees. There are currently six available styles of General Pop-up Cards.


General Pop-up Product Links:

General Pop-up Video Tutorials:

Introduction to General Pop-ups
Garden Bench
Double Lorna Mummy Card
Explosion Birthday Pop-up Card
Adirondack Chair

General Pop-up Inspiration:

Karen Burniston's General Pop-up Cards Pinterest Board
Karen Burniston's Blog: Lucy Label PostsLots of Pops PostsGarden Bench PostsHappy Birthday PostsLorna Label PostsBeach Collection Posts

Pop Stands

Pop Stands are another type of General Pop-up card, but whereas the General Pop-ups are viewed in cards at 90 degrees, Pop Stands are viewed in cards that open all the way flat to 180 degrees. Another feature of Pop Stands is that the main item (tower, tub, barn, hay) is independent of the pop stand mechanism so it can be used on its own for flat cards, layouts, place cards, 3D items, etc. A Pop Stand die comes included with each design, and when lined up over the fold of any size card, anywhere along the fold, will cut tabs to fit the decorative item and turn it into a pop-up. There are currently four available styles of Pop Stand Cards.


Pop Stand Product Links:

Pop Stand Video Tutorials:

Introduction to Pop Stands (slide to 1:30)
Eiffel Tower
Barn Pop Stand with Floating Floor

Pop Stand Inspiration:

Karen Burniston's Pop Stands Pinterest Board
Karen Burniston's Blog: Pop Stand Posts

Accordion Albums & Frame Edges

Accordion albums are a special category of Pop it Ups dies because they do not have alignment nubs and you do not line them up over the fold of a card. Rather, you use the Accordion die to cut a single page of your card/album and there is an integrated tab system to connect as many pages together as you desire. This makes the Accordions very versatile, as the same die can be used for a quick 2-page card or a 20-page masterpiece. In addition, each Accordion comes with decorator dies included, so right out of the package you'll have what you need to start making incredible interactive cards and albums to impress and delight your friends and family. There are currently seven available styles of Accordions and more styles in the works.

Add-on dies (separate purchase) that are sized to coordinate with the Accordions (but can also be used on their own to make flat frames) are the Frame Edges. Frame Edges work by cutting four of each piece (square/circle designs) or two of each long/short piece (rectangle designs) and lining them up around the perimeter of the Accordion for fun decorations. Each Frame Edge packaging lists which Accordions it fits. The easiest way to adhere Frame Edges is by using ECD Double-sided adhesive on the back of the paper/cardstock before die cutting, so that the frame edges can be applied like stickers.


Accordion & Frame Edges Product Links:

Accordion & Frame Edge Video Tutorials:

Introduction to Accordions
How to add Clear Pages to Pop it Ups Accordions
Pivot Accordion Technique
How to turn Portait Accordions into Landscape Accordions
Stacked Accordions
Barn Accordion Card

Accordion & Frame Edges Inspiration:

Karen Burniston's Accordion Albums Pinterest Board
Karen Burniston's Blog: Accordion Posts

Characters & Props

The Characters all feature similar construction, with a shadow layer and a detail layer, and then accessory dies, like eyes, tails, etc. Using ECD double-sided adhesive on the back of the paper or cardstock before die cutting makes assembly of the Characters very quick and easy. A signature look to the Characters are their big cartoon eyes, but they are also easy to style with other eyes for a completely different look. There are currently eleven available styles of Characters and four Props styles.


Character & Props Product Links:

Character & Props Video Tutorials:

Introduction to Characters
Honey the Bear as a Panda
Honey & Dutch as Woodland Animals

Characters & Props Inspiration:

Karen Burniston's Characters Pinterest Board
Karen Burniston's Blog: Character Dies

Edge Dies

Edge dies are decorative dies that cut just the edge of the item so the height is customizable by the user. It also allows for easy decorative-edges cards. There are currently four available styles of Edge Dies.


Edge Dies Product Links:

Accessory Dies & Embossing Folders

Accessory dies are flat designs meant to complement the interactive cards and/or be used independently. There are currently five available styles of Accessory dies and five available styles of Embossing Folders.


Accessory Dies & Embossing Folders Product Links:


Clear Stamps

In Spring 2015 I released my first set of Clear Stamps - the Farm Greetings Clear Stamps - meant to coordinate with the Farm collection as well as fit some of the other interactive dies. Look for more clear stamps coming soon! 

So there you have it! The entire Pop it Ups Collection broken down by category with a ton of video and inspiration links. Speaking of inspiration links, I post cards daily on the Karen Burniston, Designer Facebook Page.

Happy Crafting!


Chilly & Hoppy become a Minion Explosion Birthday Card

My nephew turned one this week and I wanted to make him a special card. Michael's too young to have favorite cartoon characters (and really, he'll probably just want to eat the card anyway) but I remembered that my niece Hannah, his older sister, loves Minions.

It was actually quite easy to fashion Minions by combining pieces from Chilly the Penguin and Hoppy the Frog. Here's a picture tutorial for how I did it. (click the photo to enlarge)


Once I had my Minions I made an explosion pop-up card. 


I used the same dimensions and instructions as the Happy Birthday Explosion Card but swapped out the pop-up die for the Lucy Label instead of the Happy Birthday. Here is the video tutorial:


The card uses the same magnetic closure system as in the video. I decorated the front of the card with another Minion, peeking out and giggling.


I found a thin gray printed grid paper in my stash to use for the explosion sides and used a blue spray to make it colorful for the card. As it turned out, I preferred the back side of the paper (white) where the blue spray had soaked through. When I cut the ends of the explosion sides with the Outdoor Edges I also punched a hole through the entire piece, creating holes along the sides that I could weave twine through.


The card's interior features my two Minions - one holding onto two balloons (attached to the explosion side) and the other sitting against the top Lucy platform. I bent his legs to make him look like he was sitting. I used the Farm Greetings Clear Stamps for the Happy Birthday, stamping in watermark ink and embossing with white powder. Neither Minion could wear the birthday hat or it would stick out of the card, so I used it above the Happy Birthday greeting instead.


My original thought was to weave twine through the holes, across the back, and then use it to suspend the balloons. Unfortunately the balloons were far too heavy for the twine and ended up pulling it down. So I attached the balloons to each other and then to the explosion side and added a foldover "1" banner to the twine instead.


If you need instructions for assembling the Lucy Label Pop up Die, check out this blog post: Lucy Label

If you'd like to see the original blog post for the Happy Birthday Explosion Card video, it is here: Happy Birthday.

Elizabeth Craft Designs products are sold at independent craft stores worldwide. If you need online shopping links they are shown below. In addition to the pictured supplies I used various cardstock colors, baker's twine, white embossing powder, a C10 Copic marker (eyes) and blue spray.

June Secret Word Giveaway *Winner*!

Congratulations to Vencine, who was chosen by random draw as the winner of this month's Secret Word Giveaway.

The Secret Word for June was "Name" in honor of the theme: What's in a Name Designer Challenge. Members of my mailing list learn the Secret Word in the monthly newsletter, along with instructions for how to enter the Secret Word Giveaway by simply leaving a comment on the ECD blog post incorporating the secret word.

Vencine's is the lucky winner this month for her comment:

"Love the Name, Whiskers, for the cat. So appropriate and cute!"

She has won her very own #975 Adirondack Chair Pop it Ups die plus her choice of any Character die to sit in the chair. 

Congratulations, Vencine! Check your e-mail for some happy mail!
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Karen Burniston Pop it Ups Designer Challenge - What's in a Name?

I'm blogging on the Elizabeth Craft Designs blog with this month's Designer Challenge. The theme this month is What's in a Name? where I challenged the team to choose dies based on their first and last initials. You'll see incredible inspiration - as varied as the names themselves!


For my project I wanted to celebrate the start of summer (even though I was making this project while Tropical Storm Bill was approaching Texas) by focusing on dies from the Beach Collection.

Beach Collection


To make sure my initials were represented I decided to use Whiskers the Cat instead of Rocky the Crab. Whiskers, I reasoned, could be called a Kitty. The Beach Edges qualified as my other initial.


I had an idea for the card where Whiskers would be gazing wistfully at a framed picture on the wall of a tranquil beach chair, dreaming that he could be magically transported to that scene.


Then, when the card opens, Whiskers' dream has come true and he's in the exact chair from the framed picture. I thought this could be a great card to congratulate someone on just about anything. You could also substitute Buster the Dog in place of Whiskers.


Watch the video tutorial for all the assembly instructions for this card, including how to make an L support through the slats of the chair to animate a Character in the chair.


The Farm Greetings Clear Stamps can be used to create all sorts of custom greetings by using the Selective Inking Technique. For my card I used just a couple of the phrases from the Congratulations chalkboard greeting stamp. I stamped in black and then colored the words with a light blue marker.


Most of the supplies used on the card are in the links below. Cardstock colors are light blue, dark blue, dark brown, kraft, white and green. The twine is from Creative Impressions.

Have a fun and crafty summer!


Connecticut Pop it Ups Classes - June 12-13, 2015

Hey Connecticut peeps! I'm heading north in a couple of weeks to teach at The Inspiration Station and Papercraft Clubhouse. Here is the schedule:

The Inspiration Station - Stafford Springs, CT - Friday, June 12, 2015

    • 3-4:30 pm - FREE Pop it Ups Demo
    • 6-9 pm - Pop it Ups Card Class (call store for pricing and availability)

Papercraft Clubhouse - Westbrook, CT - Saturday, June 13, 2015

    • 10:30-1:30 - Pop it Ups Card Class (call store for pricing and availability)

It is the same class at both stores and they have ordered in plenty of supplies to feed your need for after-class shopping.

You will make three cards in class, focusing on three different types of Pop it Ups dies - pop stands, general pop-ups and pull cards. This will give you an excellent base of knowledge for assembling the other dies in the collection as well.

Please bring these tools to class

  • Scissors
  • A variety of adhesives - tape runner, fine glue (my favorite is a Fineline 18 or 20 gauge bottle filled with Scotch Quick Dry or Lineco pH neutral adhesive), pop dots, mini glue dots
  • Paper piercer
  • Optional: inks for inking edges. I show my cards “clean” but they will look great with ink.
  • Optional: markers or colored pencils for coloring the words on the greeting label.
  • Optional: smart phone or camera for taking photos of the hundreds of sample cards on display

PopStandBarn AdirondackChairClassCard RectanglePullClassCard
I must say, I am really excited about this trip! I haven't been doing much teaching or traveling this year, allowing me to focus on my two high school Juniors and this busy important time in their lives. As such I haven't been able to feed my love of teaching as much as I'm used to. Get ready, Connecticut, because I am going to lace up my teaching shoes and dance a jig! (Ha, just kidding)

Hope to see you there!


Pop it Ups "Hog Wild" Birthday Bathtub Card

Now that the Farm Collection is shipping, I thought I'd share one of the cards I taught last month at the Collins Show using Virgil the Pig and the Farm Greetings Clear Stamps with the Pop Stand Bathtub, Paris Edges and Props 2 for a fun "Hog Wild" Birthday Bathtub Card. 


This card was very easy to put together and made good use of the patterned paper by using both the positive and negative pieces of the Paris Edges to create the bath mat and the front decoration.  Choose any patterned paper that would make a nice floor and any color cardstock that would make a nice contrasting bath mat.


Here is a list of the colors and the cuts:

  • Dark Brown Cardstock (I used Candy Bar Card Shoppe, Bazzill): 6" x 9" scored at 4.5" for folding. Line up Bathtub Pop Stand die over the fold, centered, and cut. Also cut a shadow layer for Virgil the Pig.
  • Patterned Paper (I used Echo Park Jack & Jill girl, Cute as a Button): two pieces at 5.75" x 4 3/8" with Paris Edge cut into one long side of each piece.
  • White Cardstock: die cut two bathtubs, a 1" x 6" strip with the "go hog wild" portion of Farm Greetings Clear Stamps stamped onto it in chocolate brown ink, a rectangle around the "pig out" portion of the same clear stamp, also in chocolate brown ink, and a set of Virgil the Pig's eyes. (Optional but helpful: use ECD double-sided adhesive behind the cardstock for the eyes before die cutting so they will become stickers)
  • Silver Cardstock: die cut a faucet and claw feet (Optional but helpful: use ECD double-sided adhesive behind the cardstock for the claw feet before die cutting so they will become stickers)
  • Light Blue Cardstock: die cut the party hat overlay from Props 2.
  • Teal Cardstock: die cut the party hat base and pom-pom from Props 2.
  • Pink Cardstock: Virgil the Pig's detail layer, snout and tail.
  • White Shimmer Sheetz: three bubble strips from the Bathtub die.

For the front of the card use the two positive pieces of the Paris Edges, leaving a gap in the middle to fill with a strip of coordinating washi tape (I used Echo Park's Jack & Jill Boy ruler tape) Add the Pig Out greeting rectangle and line it with transparent/silver glitter lines for sparkle. Color the "pig out" words with a coordinating marker. The crepe ribbon can go through the two holes at the top of the card's front, but not all the way through the card - just woven through the front holes - and tied in a knot. (Part of the ribbon is now inside the card, but will be hidden by the bathtub)


Inside the card start by adding the two floor pieces, lined up close to the center fold. Assemble the bathtub in the usual fashion (video link at the end of this post), making sure to attach the two tubs to each other only out on the outside edges, leaving the center open to be able to slide Virgil the Pig inside. Add the bubbles, faucet and claw feet. Another strip of washi tape was put across the back half of the card and the "Hog Wild" greeting strip, highlighted with markers or pencils, across the front. Highlight the seam with a glitter line, if desired.


For Virgil the Pig, start by assembling him in the usual fashion, then use detail scissors to cut out his front legs, cutting on the outside edge of the brown portion so the legs will have a shadow layer. It's easiest to just cut straight across the top of his legs and then chop out the little piece in between the legs (you won't need it). When he is tucked down into the bathtub you won't be able to tell that he is missing limbs. Assemble the birthday hat and add the pom-pom lined up with the top of the hat to keep the hat as short as possible. Attach it at a jaunty angle and partially over Virgil's eye to keep it within the card when closed. Fill in the hat's spots with transparent/silver glitter dots, if desired.


Slide Virgil between the two tubs and attach his lower half inside the tub with glue, closing the card to check that the hat is hidden while you can still adjust his location. Also glue in his two legs at a fun "whoopee!" angle.


If you are new to the Bathtub Pop Stand die and/or need a refresher, move the slider to 1:24 on this introductory video:


All of the ECD products used on this card can be purchased at your local independent craft store. If your local store doesn't carry ECD please encourage them to do so. For those of you sadly without any local shopping options, here are some links. The crepe ribbon color is Magenta (I think!).

Happy Hog Wild Birthday Crafting!



(ECD supplies used: Cheepers the Chicken, Farm Greetings Clear Stamps, and Ring Accordion scalloped circle die. Other supplies: Stampin' Up! Hardwood stamp, white embossing powder, red, brown, cream, yellow and white cardstocks)

Last week Elizabeth Craft Designs celebrated the arrival of the Farm Collection in grand style, sponsoring a blog/Facebook giveaway of the entire collection to two commenters, chosen by random draw. 


Congratulations to the two lucky winners, one from the blog comments and one from the Facebook comments.

Deborah on Facebook said:

That is awesome, I love those animals with the barn - I'm sure the kids on the school bus would love it for their birthday. My husband is the school bus driver and I make a card for a child whose birthday fall on the day to make the child feeling special 

Angelique on the ECD blog said:

Because of you I AM NEVER LEAVING MY CRAFT ROOM! The Barnyard card will be perfect for my Mom. She grew up on a farm and when I was a little girl I enjoyed the time I spent with my grandfather on his farm, feeding the chickens and the pigs, milking the cows, etc. I can’t wait for these to become available.

Deborah and Angelique will each receive a full Farm Collection.

If you missed the video tutorial on adding a Floating Floor beneath the Barn for dynamic pop-up scenes, here it is again:


Link to the Barns! Barns! Barns! blog post (for scoring diagram and more photos of the barnyard card)

The Farm collection is now in stock and shipping. As always, I encourage you to give your local independent craft store your business first, but for those of you who are sadly without local store options, here are some links.

Happy Farming!

Karen Burniston Pop it Ups Designer Challenge - Barns! Barns! Barns!

I'm blogging on the Elizabeth Craft Designs blog with this month's Designer Challenge. The theme this month is Barns! Barns! Barns! and you're going to be amazed at the incredible ideas.


For my project I wanted to show off my latest release, which debuted at the Collins Rep Group Retailer Training Event in Boston this last month. There are five new dies and a set of clear stamps in the Farm collection.  


A popular technique I've taught with other dies is the Floating Floor, so I wanted to show how easy it is to incorporate a Floating Floor below a Pop Stand die. Watch this video to learn how. You would use the exact same measurements and technique to add a Floating Floor below the other Pop Stand dies - the Eiffel Tower and the Bathtub.


A Floating Floor allows items to pop up anywhere on the floor through the use of slots and L supports behind each item. This allows for really fun dynamic pop-up cards. I made a barnyard scene with a generic "Just sayin' Hay!" theme, but you could use any of the Farm Greetings chalkboard-style stamps and this same design to turn it into birthday, thank-you or congrats.


For the card's front I turned to the Farm Greetings Clear Stamps and realized that with selective inking I could take portions of the Cow chalkboard greeting stamp and mix in one of the phrases from the Chicken chalkboard greeting stamp and make my own custom phrase. Brownie the Cow is holding the greeting.


Floating Floors are the same thing as a "stage" or "table" pop-up. Three supports hold up the floor and by cutting slits and adding L supports, any item anywhere on the floor can be popped up as well. Notice the L support attached to the back of Brownie.  


One of my favorite tricks for making sure an L support stays put is by sliding in a Tiny Attacher stapler and stapling the L support's foot to the base card.  The front decoration will cover the staple. You can just make out the staple on the Cheepers L-support foot in the photo below.


One last view of the card, this time from straight on, where you can just spy Brownie peering over the barn. I love that the Country Fence die from Susan Tierney-Cockburn's collection works so nicely with the Farm Collection. 


Here is a cheat sheet (with metric measurements, too) for the folds and cuts to make the Floating Floor:


The Farm Collection is shipping this week and should be available soon at your local independent craft store. Here are some shopping links to the items used on the card. The patterned paper for the Barn is October Afternoon "Seaside; Seashells" paper. The cardstock is Bazzill's Card Shoppe. I also used various inks and an old grass stamp from my stash.

Happy Crafting!